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The emergency lifts are the 2 straps that connect the parachute to your paragliding harness. Highly resistant Thanks to dyneema braiding, they are available in standard, light or two-seater versions, depending on your needs.
Where are the risers fitted?
First, a large 7mm stainless steel link will connect the risers to your reserve parachute (you can also make a lark's head if your reserve's webbing allows it). You now have the 2 strands to connect to your harness. Depending on your equipment, they will be attached either to the shoulders or to the main carabiners.

For shoulder attachment :

On the vast majority of sport, school, cocoon and reversible paragliding harnesses, the parachute pocket is integrated and the parachute is attached to the shoulders. At the top of the back of your harness are 2 sturdy straps: this is where the risers are attached, so that you can land relatively upright. If you've opted for a stainless steel main link, you'll be able to do 2 lark heads. Otherwise, 2 stainless steel 6mm links will be required.

For attachment to the main links :

In the case of a light harness (hike and fly, cocon light...), a para ventral pocket will contain your parachute. The reserve is housed in a ventral container, and the risers come out of each side of the ventral pocket to attach to the main carabiners. In this configuration, there's no need for additional carabiners...

If this is all Chinese, feel free to drop by and we can give you some information and help you with the rescue parachute 🙂