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The great flight to behold!

The gift voucher for a Prestige baptism offers 40 to 50 minutes of tandem flight over Lake Annecy and its fabulous mountains... Thanks to the thermal currents, we can get even higher in the paraglider for a magnificent aerial trip over the peaks...
Photos/videos offered after the flight, under the condition that flying conditions allowed it.

For a person weighing between 50kg and 110kg

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The photos and videos of your first paragliding flight are taken using a wide-angle camera (type GoPro), and will be transferred after the flight  directly into your phone. There are no additional costs for this service.

*subject to the possibility of carrying them out in flight, depending on the aerological conditions.

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We take off from Forclaz or PlanfaitAnnecy's two main hang-gliding sites. The weather will decide the destination for us 🙂

  • This flight lasts 40 to 50 minutes about.
  • Accessible from age 12and up to 110kg.
  • Photos & videos available after the flight, subject to the possibility of carrying them out in flight (aerological conditions, etc.)

This flight is accompanied by a professional, state-qualified instructor.

During the afternoon, updrafts can set in depending on the weather that day. Paragliders are able to take advantage of these updrafts to gain height and stay in the sky for longer. On a good day, these thermal updrafts can take us higher than the starting point!

Once the GIFT VOUCHER of the Prestige baptism, all the lucky recipient has to do is contact us to make an appointment! Thefts take place every day of the year, weather permitting.

The Prestige gift voucher is not nominative and is valid for one year.

Annecy paragliding gift voucher



Give the gift of thrills - an original gift idea! If you are looking for theperfect gift ideaIf you're looking for something that stands out and leaves an indelible mark on the heart of the person who receives it, look no further. The ideal gift is to be found here, in the "vertigo" of a paragliding flight, the freedom of the wind, the panorama of the mountains and the sparkle of Lake Annecy. Our paragliding school in Annecy has gift vouchers to suit all occasions, guaranteeing a breathtaking present. Whether you're a fan of aerial sports or not, a gift of a good gift for a tandem paragliding jumpTo give the gift of flight is to offer the opportunity to fly and flirt with the clouds. So when the ordinary is no longer enough, when you want your gift to tell a story and take on a profound meaning for the person you're giving it to, choose the exceptional with our Annecy paragliding gift voucher.  All our paragliding flights are available as gift vouchers: Come and discover new sensations alone or in a group! Once you have placed your order online, we will be happy to send you a nice gift card to personalise. The gift voucher is valid for one year, but is not nominative. Once the gift has been given, all the lucky recipient has to do is call us to make an appointment. And if you want to enjoy it at the same time, just book for 2. Here are some ideal occasions to surprise someone with a paragliding jump : Birthday gifts : Why not celebrate a new year of life with a special event? first flight original? Offer a gift voucher for some minutes of paragliding is an unusual gift that will leave a lasting impression. Bachelorette party Before taking the plunge into married life, suggest taking the plunge... in a paraglider! An original way to celebrate the end of a young girl's or boy's life. Father's and Mother's Day For the adventurous mum or dad, or simply for thrill-seekers, offer a first paragliding flight is a powerful gesture that will fill him with happiness. Retirement What better way to mark this turning point in your life than by learning to fly a paraglider? A powerful symbol of freedom and a new beginning. Christmas gift : Under the Christmas tree, imagine the surprise of discovering a voucher for learning to paraglide or simply to enjoy an aerial experience over Annecy on a tandem paragliding flight. Valentine's Day For couples in search of adventure, a romantic weekend in Annecy with a paragliding jump will be a memory you'll cherish together. Every opportunity is good to offer a moment of freedom and discovery. With a gift voucher for paragliding in AnnecyYou're offering more than just a jump: you're offering lasting memories and perhaps even sparking a new vocation.

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