Are you grounded by a little wind? Do you want to take your Brevet de Pilote? Here's something to revise and deepen your paragliding theory!

For start, the Free Flight Manual or Paragliding, beginners will give you the fundamental bases on aerology, mecanism and regulations. They will also prepare you for the various pilot's licences.
Specific works on the weather will then complete your observations. We have selected them for their accessibility, they won't knock you out with emagrames, we promise!
Many pilots, competitors, adventurers or poets have also written down their experiences, revealed their tips and will share their experience with you through exciting and technical books on their most beautiful cross-country paragliding flights.
The adventurers will find their happiness with guidebooks which lists almost all of the Flight sites in France. Orientation to the wind, access roads, local tips, a wealth of information to prepare your future trips

And to relive your best flights, there are relief maps 100% made in France with local decorations and landings will adorn your living room wall!