Panorama Forclaz

Our paragliding school was one of the first to be set up in the Annécien area. Since 1985, the instructors have changed, but the spirit remains the same. Mountain lovers and lovers of the great outdoors, welcome!

Ideally located opposite the PlanfaitWe'll be with you every step of the way. Our aim is to provide quality teaching so that you can become an autonomous and responsible paraglider pilot, and have fun in the air! From Initiation course for your very first solo flight, at Cross training course to go on an adventure and flirt with thermals, our teaching will be adapted to each individual.

Discover all our paragliding courses

Introductory course


You wish to discover the activity

Never flown before? You will learn the basics during this course. From the school slope to the first big flights.

Progression Course


You wish to progress

To improve your technique and knowledge, and your ease of flight, and to achieve autonomy.

Stage Cross Alain Anthony

Thermal, Init'cross

Staying in the air longer

Now that you know how to take off and land safely, we can finally consider climbing and moving!

Cross Country Course


Higher, further!

Plan a cross-country flight according to the day's weather, negotiate transitions, change regime...

Crux Sky (1)

SIV Course

You want to improve your piloting skills.

Guided by Samuel, explore the limits of your glider...

La Marmolada

Dolomites trip

Dolomites trip

A mythical site for flying, exceptional cliffs, around green valleys.

Sud Cedric

SUD course

Itinerant course SOUTH of France

Discover new valleys and get to grips with the heat of the South

Tandem Progression Course

Tandem Progression

BIPLACE Progression course

Fly tandem with your instructor