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Progress in paragliding with the tailor-made autonomy course!

For a day or a week, this course will allow you to :

  • Access to a first level of autonomy to fly alone in calm conditions.
  • Whatever your level, we will improve the autonomy of decision making, anticipation and management.
  • To perfect your theory, so don't hesitate to come with your questions,
  • Discover the flying sites of the Annecy basin!

Discover new inflating techniques, take your first ascents, fly soaring on some adapted sites.
The work on piloting technique is present on all flights: pitching, rolling, 360, dynamic turns...
In groups of up to 7 students, the technical content of the flights is tailored to youaccording to your progress.
Perfectionnement, 1,2 & 3, these courses are grouped under a single label and are adapted to the level of the pilots.
Courses from April to November.

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On the programme:

Meet at our school centre in the morning to check everyone's licences and equipment, get fitted if necessary, and then off you go! Let's get down to business! If you haven't practiced for a while, 1 or 2 hours of school slope can be offered to you.

  • Work on the different take-off techniques (face-sail/back-sail)
  • Managing the landing in autonomy
  • Understand the movements of your glider through in-flight exercises (roll/pitch...)
  • Radio weaning (yes!)
  • First ascendants!
  • Flights in different aerological and geographical conditions
  • In-depth knowledge of theory (megaflight, piloting, etc.)

In short: to lead you to autonomy!

The fee includes :

  • the loan of all equipment (recent and approved)
  • supervision by 2 state-qualified instructors
  • shuttle bus journeys.

Our rates

What to expect in addition :

  • lunch (meals can be taken together, but you can also bring your own picnic)
  • a medical certificate authorising you to practice paragliding (valid for 6 years)
  • FFVL licence insurance (about 50€ for 9 days, forms are available on request) here)
  • accommodation

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