The ambition, to reach several points in flight, to return to its starting point, to study and exploit the aerology of the day to achieve beautiful flights.

 From Technicity to Pleasure

A good level of autonomy and already a bit ofexperience ? Follow the guide!
He will show you the aerial paths used by all crossmen and large birds of prey...

Pre-requisites :

  1. be autonomous in taking off and landing outside of official terrain (even if this is not a goal in itself)
  2. Use thermal conditions to stay aloft and listen to instructions.
  3. use their radio to communicate in the air.
  4. the right glider and harness for your level.
  5. a current FFVL licence.
  6. The Siv course is not a prerequisite, the skills to fly in turbulent air masses are acquired by increasing the volume of flight. The aim is to keep the glider on the head and to optimize the glide. The aim is to keep the glider on its head and to optimise the glide. The very complementary piloting courses are to deepen and refine this piloting by voluntarily unbalancing the glider but in calm air on the water in a safe environment.

We are here to help you progress.

Cycle 3




On the programme:

Discover the region in dazzling courses. Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Chablais, Beaufortain, Isère...
The aim is to improve your skills while having fun.

If possible, a different route per day will be offered depending on the weather conditions.
Practice but also theory,
We review your personal expectations during the course.
Weather analysis to get started, or find the relevant information to safely prepare for a cross country flight,
Read, analyse, understand and use everything Mother Nature has to offer to optimise our flight.
Working with GPS, analysing tracks, reading a map and preparing a cross country flight plan.
Set achievable objectives, therefore know yourself, analyse your progress in paragliding objectively.
Flying in a group, the group is stronger and you will learn to use the presence of other paragliders in the sky.
Flying fast to go further, optimising the conditions of the moment,
The topics are wide-ranging and sometimes different for everyone.

And yes, the personalisation of this course is the key word!


The fee includes :

  • supervision by 1 state-certified instructor
  • the loan of a radio (and headphones if necessary)
  • the journeys and the recovery by shuttle.

Our rates

What to expect in addition :

  • lunches (meals can be taken together, but you can also bring your own picnic)
  • FFVL licence insurance (about 50€ for 9 days)
  • accommodation