DOLOMITES in paragliding!

Enter the most mystical playground for paragliding, but not only...
We are based in the Val di Fassa, a beautiful valley in South Tyrol that climbs up to the Marmolada in the heart of the Dolomite Group 5
1000 m on landing, the summit of Punta Penia at 3342 m and its mythical Marmolada glacier.

From the gondola take-offs, a playground opens up where cross-country skiers can have a great time. From the grandiose mountains to the valleys that surround them, numerous cross-country routes are imaginable.
We mainly take off from the Rodella pass, but depending on the weather other take-offs may be discovered.

For less experienced pilots, Campitello's easily accessible take-off and large landing area allow for a series of themed and non-themed flights in a beautiful landscape.

Do you dream of touching the Grail?

Alain will guide you through this wild and beautiful landscape all week.
We are two instructors to manage the take off, one stays at the top while the other goes cross country with the adventurers,
Viviane manages the stewardship and recovery.
The only prerequisite is full autonomy on landing,

Souvenir of our last course

Thank you Laurent for these videos.

Dates: currently being planned for 2023

Departure in the morning at 07:00 to the great outdoors and return on the seventh day in the evening depending on the day's activity (plan late)
Duration of the course: 7 days
Level: thermal, Init'Cross. Be autonomous in deco/atterro.
Transfer: departure by minibus from Annecy on Sunday and return on Friday or Saturday.

Sasso Lungo & Sas Pordoî.
Take-off from Rodella Pass Sasso Lungo & Sas Pordoî.