Do you dream of learning to fly? The paragliding initiation course is for you.
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Panorama Forclaz

Through the theory and the practice you will gradually discover the technique and knowledge necessary to flying a paraglider.
During 5 days, 2 instructors will be there to supervise you and guide you to your first solo flights!

From March to November, take the first step!

Duration of the course: 5 days
Period: March to November, mainly Monday to Friday.
Number of students: from 3 to 7.

Cycle 1 Monos For beginners

On the programme:

Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to about 4 pm.

The first two mornings are devoted to ground exercises: presentation of your glider, inflation exercises, take-off techniques, and already your first jumps from the top of the school slope to discover the first sensations of flight... the afternoon is dedicated to theory, to the presentation of your equipment (harness...) and your future playgrounds (the different sites you will use)

On day 3, we take you on your first solo flight to put all this into practice! 2 instructors will assist you individually during take-off and landing, and guide you by radio. The rest of your training alternates between solo flights, theory lessons (aerology, approach techniques...) and ground exercises to improve your wing handling.

At the end of your training, you will receive a FFVL booklet validating your flights. It is individual and will follow you throughout your training.

The 3 weekends package :

It is (as the name suggests:)) a course divided into 3 weekends:

  • The first 2-day session (Saturday/Sunday) will be devoted to the school slope in the morning, and the courses in the afternoon.
  • The second session will lead you to the first big flights: back to the school slope to check the right gestures, then flights the next morning in mild conditions.
  • The following weekend will be a continuation of your training: flights in the morning and theory/inflation in the afternoon.

What is included :

  • the loan of all equipment (recent and approved)
  • supervision by 2 state-qualified instructors
  • shuttle bus journeys.

Our rates

What to expect in addition :

  • lunch (meals can be taken together, but you can also bring your own picnic)
  • FFVL licence insurance (about 50€ for 9 days, forms are available on request) here)
  • accommodation

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