Thermal internship & init-Cross internship

These two courses are on the same page, they are often aimed at the same public of pilots wishing to progress, the instructors adapt to the level of the groups in order to propose a range of exercises allowing to become familiar with the use of the thermal.

THERMAL TRAINING: meet your first thermals

Do you fly alone? Do you want to climb to the top of the jar?

Perfecting your paragliding skills involves reading and understanding the air mass, in order to imagine how to slip into it and use it.
Come and learn how to analyze and operate the air mass to extend your flights in safety!

Grands Espaces will accompany you on your first ascents...
Your mission: decipher the day's conditions, validate the choice of site, roll up and refine the thermal...

On the programme:

Full day training, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (approx.). This course is aimed at pilots who already have some autonomy (deco/landing).
Meet at our school centre in the morning to check everyone's licences and equipment, get fitted if necessary, and then off you go!

The objectives of this course :

  • Learn to analyse the conditions of the day
  • Choice and adaptation to different flight sites
  • Exploiting dynamic and thermal lift
  • Learn to roll up, to centre the thermal well, to "crack" in transition
  • Work on your active piloting with the help of the instructor
  • Change the site!
  • Notions of aerology, a hint of mechaflight applied to piloting, regulations...

INIT'CROSS COURSE: you want to go further, get out of the box

This course is for you! Ceiling, transitions, hang-upThe programme will also include the following activities

It is the discovery of what is allowed and what is forbidden to do during a Cross flight in a paraglider.
The following terms are used Introduction to CrossFor example, coming to join two known free flight sites.
We work with you in the morning on reading the weather.
Accordingly, we offer you technical courses, initially simple, then complex in a second stage, in order to train your knowledge in terms of feasibility and commitment.

On the programme:

Full day training, from 8.30am to 6pm (approx.)

"I'm starting to understand the thermal well, but I don't dare venture far from my favourite landing yet.

It is often this speech that encourages trainees to come to us. That's why we have a course dedicated to you!
On this type of course, we will take your paragliding progression to the next level and give you the tools to achieve your first Cross:

  • Site reading
  • Weather analysis, forecasting, mapping, GPS...
  • How to centre the thermal well, follow it,
  • Analyse the flight plan and make the right decisions.
  • Your first transitions!
  • Improvise a landing outside the official field.

Adding the study and use of equipment, radio, alitvario, gps .....

The fee includes :

  • supervision by 2 state-qualified instructors
  • the loan of a radio (and headphones if necessary)
  • shuttle bus journeys.

Our rates

What to expect in addition :

  • lunches (meals can be taken together, but you can also bring your own picnic)
  • FFVL licence insurance (about 50€ for 9 days)
  • accommodation

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