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What is GoFrêtes?

The GoFrêtesit's a friendly walking & flying race, a a friendly day open to all paraglidersorganised by Les Grands Espaces in Talloires.

This "Hike & Fly for fun is now one of the great classics, bringing together amateurs, professionals, competitors and other sportsmen and women. Traditionally, it takes place every year in the spring.

The main motivation : be the first to enjoy a waffle at the summitat the Col des Frêtes take-off point! The idea is simple: walk up to the Col des Frêtes as quickly as possible with your paragliding equipment, starting from the Grands Espaces shop in Talloires. It's just over a kilometre vertical, but with a paraglider on your back. The start is at the Planfait landing (550m) and the finish at the Col des Frêtes (1650m).

  • Start: in front of the shop at Planfait (550m altitude).
  • Finish: at the Col des Frêtes (1650m altitude), with a tasting of waffles baked on site.
  • Difference in altitude: 1100m.
  • Only the ascent on foot is timed, with a paraglider on your back.

Gofrétes 2018 Waffle Master

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Download the race rules here: gofretes_règlement_2023.

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