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The SCHOOL 2 ABS helmet is dedicated to paragliding in schools.

It is light, comfortable and robust.

One size (54 to 59 cm)
Weight: 550g

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Paragliding helmet for schools

Comfort is achieved both by the light weight of the helmet and the internal foams. Like its predecessor, the School 2 offers an excellent field of vision. The knob allows the head size to be adjusted to the rider's or passenger's head size. The ventilation is efficient: internal air circuit with external air intake.

Thanks to its one-piece construction with adjustment wheel, its unique size can cover a height range of 54 to 59 cm!

The internal comfort foam is removable for washing.



Supair is a pioneering paragliding brand, born in Haute-Savoie in 1979 thanks to the innovative spirit of Pierre Bouilloux and mountain thermals. Its common thread: the pleasure of flying, closeness to paragliders, excellence and teamwork. And they have never lost the thread. SUPAIR harnesses are inscribed in the memory of free flight. Their canopies are instinctive with a reassuring feel. The accessories accompany you in the air. The SUPAIR brand brings together designers, children of flight, and stratospheric imaginations to design outdoor products. Literally. We don't put on airs, we simply look like what we are: an efficient, well-groomed brand that is open to the freedom of the winds. Since the beginnings of paragliding, the brand has remained faithful to the creative and adventurous spirit of the pioneers, to facilitate access to the air for all new paragliders and to imagine new, innovative products and services. Everything had to be invented in the first Supair flights. Everything is still to be invented with each flight in our community.
With safety first and foremost, our helmet range is sure to satisfy you. Standards and approvals paragliding. Streamlined for your comfort, we offer a range of helmets with visors, too. visors.

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