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CRUISE harness :: Skywalk

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Optimum comfort in an innovative design. Skywalk's CRUISE harness embodies the perfect marriage of compactness and innovation. Manufactured using the latest technological advances, this versatile harness will appeal to beginners and experienced recreational pilots alike. Its design guarantees an exceptional level of comfort during flights. The combination of PERMAIR protection and SAS-Tec back protection ensures maximum safety.

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Technical Data : CRUISE Harness :: Skywalk

Size S M L
Driver height (cm) 155 – 172 167 – 183 178 – 198
Weight (kg) 3,50 3,65 3,80
Certification of the harness EN 1651 EN 1651 EN 1651
Protection certification LTF91/09 LTF91/09 LTF91/09
Maximum load (kg) 120 120 120
Volume of spare compartment (cm³) 2500 – 4500 2500 – 6500 2500 – 7300

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The ergonomic seat contours to the shape of the body, ensuring optimum seating comfort even during long flights. The T-Lock system ensures efficient, stress-free flying sessions on the ground. The adjustment options have been carefully designed, allowing you to adjust the seating position in flight as well as stability.

The large rear storage pocket offers ample space for your hydration system and other accessories. Items needed during the flight can be easily stowed away in the re-sealable side pocket.

The CRUISE harness stands out for its incomparable weight and size for this type of equipment. Weighing just 3.5 kg, it fits easily into a 90-litre rucksack. Its robust design means it can even be used in the dunes.

Innovation in acceleration and carbon structure

The design of the carbon board is based on the latest advances in lightweight 3D composite fibre construction. The two-bar carbon speed bar, fitted with an elastic detractor, guarantees easy and safe acceleration.

Safety guaranteed by PERMAIR 2.0 technology

The CRUISE harness offers optimum safety thanks to our PERMAIR protection system, combined with SAS-TEC back protection. This combination guarantees maximum protection while minimising size and weight. The improved version of the first generation of PERMAIR protection incorporates a control valve for inflation and deflation, greatly simplifying the process of filling your protection. PERMAIR 2.0 also offers several inflation methods. In addition to the traditional approach with the inflation bag and the compression function, you have the option of inflating your protection using the PERMAIR PUMP or in a more minimalist way via the mouthpiece.

Comfort and innovation with the T-Lock system

The T-Lock fastening system improves comfort during take-offs, landings and ground inflation sessions. The safety sliders, designed to prevent unintentional opening of the chest strap buckles, are a testament to our attention to detail.

Improved location thanks to RECCO® reflector

The RECCO® reflector is an essential asset for rescue teams, providing an additional method of locating missing people, particularly in dense forest areas.

PERMAIR mouthpiece and reduced footprint

The mouthpiece, the most minimalist inflation option, is combined with an HME filter to reduce humidity. What's more, the CRUISE harness has a remarkably small packing volume and comes with a compression bag as standard.

Your CRUISE package

Your CRUISE harness is delivered with:

  • PERMAIR CRUISE protection
  • SAS-TEC back impact protection
  • 2-bar carbon accelerator
  • Carbon board
  • Detachable sternum strap
  • 2 Edelrid Foras carabiners
  • Rescue handle and pod
  • CRUISE storage bag
  • Inflation/deflation valve

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Skywalk was founded in 2001 in Germany by a group of passionate friends. They make innovative harnesses and canopies, and above all, very high performance!
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The paragliding sport harness is a very comfortable harness, designed for long duration or acrobatic flights. It is not the lightest of the range, but it is a strong and stable harnessThe seat is made from a single piece of wood and is fitted with a number of adjustments to make it one with you. Mostly with a tray for more comfort and precision in piloting, it can accommodate a reserve parachute under the seat. Two types of protectionsThe LFT and CE certified harnesses are integrated into the harness to ensure passive safety both during take-off and in the event of a hard landing. Airbag or foam, both have their advantages! Foambag protection : It is a compact 12 or 17 cm foam bumpair that usually goes up the back of the harness. Reinforced under the seat, it guarantees a maximum of safety, and this from the moment of take-off. This is the type of protection found on acro harnesses for example, or seaside harnesses that are sensitive to sand. Some brands such as Advance now offer compressible foam to make them more compact. Airbag protection : Most often, it is a preformed bag that inflates with air in the first few seconds of flight thanks to a snap ring that allows it to be shaped quickly. Compact and ultra-light, this protection is favoured by the majority of pilots because of its small size. This type of protection is used for reversible harnesses in particular, with the airbag turning over and acting as a backpack. Some brands offer a manual airbag system, which ensures active safety from take-off. The harnesses are constantly evolving! Don't hesitate to come and make your own opinion, we have them on trial in our shop...

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