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A Quantum Leap

The Delta 4 brings the biggest performance leap in the series while retaining the comfort and ease of use that have made the Delta the best-selling performance sport wing in paragliding history.

The 2-line end lines significantly reduce drag while providing better lift distribution along the span.

New low drag airfoil developed from the Mantra airfoil with reduced openings and improved efficiency.

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Intuitive and effective angle of attack control, improved airfoil and optimised internal structure make the Delta 4 an impressive gliding Cross machine in turbulence. The strongest structure we have developed maintains the integrity of the airfoil even in the heart of turbulence, avoiding the loss of performance associated with deformation along the chord.

The new Active Control Risers (ACR), inherited from the Mantra, allow direct control of the angle of attack without changing the camber of the profile, even in accelerated flight. By operating both the B's and C's, the ACR allows the wing to be controlled like a 2-line while keeping the comfort of a 3-line architecture.

This wing is the most docile of all the Delta wings. It is able to withstand a high level of turbulence without collapsing, even in accelerated flight. Furthermore, its collapse behaviour is the most docile in the series. This achievement is the result of choices such as a relatively low aspect ratio, but also of technical know-how on the structure and line architecture as well as an optimised wing twist. Numerous tests have shown that after a sideways collapse the wing is only slightly prone to spinning or surging and that the reopening takes place without shock. The behaviour after a frontal collapse is excellent with an immediate reopening.

The Ozone Shark Nose profile, by reducing the risk of spins and stalls, makes top landing or landing on steep terrain relatively easy for a wing of this performance level.

The feel of the wing is much improved over the D3 and will give you great pleasure in flight. The brake feel evolves linearly - precise in the first part and authoritative in the second. You can easily adjust the bank and place the wing in the thermal core. The structural cohesion of the wing, especially the chord, ensures excellent coordination between roll and pitch, providing an agile and fun feeling.

The Delta 4 is aimed at intermediate to advanced pilots who fly 70 to 100 hours per year and who have already completed a FSS. Its ease of use and high level of passive safety make it accessible to pilots who want to move up a category. Experienced pilots who want to fly with a greater margin of safety will find great satisfaction in a wing with top class cross country performance.

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Internal Bag, Compression Strap, Accelerator, OZONE Stickers, Repair Kit and OZONE Keyring.



Ozone is one of the leading paragliding brands, both in terms of the range of products it offers and in terms of innovation. A rebel spirit, going off the beaten track, Ozone likes to surprise and not let itself be influenced. Its designers go to the end of their ideas....Their competition wings are formidable, the strings harnesses minimalist to the extreme, the ultralight cocoons astonishing, Ozone creates the surprise, and constantly pushes the limits of the possible.
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Performance sails inC belong to the cross-country category. Sharpened for long-distance flights, they are more demanding and are aimed at experienced pilots. They offer excellent glide performance. Their sharp shark nose leading edge allows them to cross variations in the air mass without slowing down, and to have efficient handling and immediate acceleration in accelerated flight. In their quest for performance and to reduce drag, most of them are now 2-line models.

What are the two lines?

Initially, a paraglider resembled a large spider's web: there were 4 rows of lines (in addition to the brake halyards). Some designers began to trim the lines to reduce drag. Then the race for performance gradually led to the elimination of lines... So, after the 3 lines are born 2 lines... This modification is not without consequences: less drag, more performance, but also more demanding. Initially reserved for competition models, this modification will soon be found on virtually all 'performance' paragliders (EN-D). If you already have a C rating, and you often fly accelerated, and feel limited by the performance of your wing, then this type of glider is probably for you. Some C paragliders (with or without 2 lines) are on sale and available for test flights at the paragliding shop of Grands Espaces. This is still the best way to form an opinion. Find out more about 2-line EN C comparison and Robin's impressions.

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