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ADVANCE IOTA DLS 27 demo glider :: 92-114

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The IOTA DLS is the ultimate cross country specialist. With this High-B wing you can enjoy maximum flying comfort over long distances. The IOTA DLS is a newly developed lightweight wing made of DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE. This development step marks the beginning of a new era - without compromising on robustness and longevity.

This sail has been part of our demo fleet since May 2022.

Colour: royal
weight: 4.60 kg
ptv: 92-114

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IOTA DLS 21 23 25 27 29
Flat surface m2 21.78 23.48 25.18 27.23 29.24
Projected area m2 18.57 19.94 21.39 23.13 24.83
Take-off weight kg 60-77 70-88 80-100 92-114 105-128
Ideal weight range kg 65-75 75-85 85-97 97-110 110-125
Wing weight kg 3.90 4.10 4.35 4.60 4.90
Weight of the wing with light risers kg 3.75 3.95 4.20 4.45 4.75
Span m 11.05 11.47 11.88 12.35 12.80
Projected span m 8.80 9.10 9.42 9.80 10.15
Elongation 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Projected elongation 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15
Maximum rope m 2.45 2.54 2.63 2.74 2.84
Cells 59 59 59 59 59

Coul Iota


The basic concept of the new IOTA DLS is derived from that of the extremely successful SIGMA 11. The profile characteristics of its big sister have been adapted and optimised to meet the requirements of the top B class. The result is a significant gain in performance. In addition, the efficient pitch control system provides a flying sensation similar to that of a two-line glider. This transmits the impulses from the C-plane to the B-plane, so that the profile remains fully intact in accelerated flight.

The extreme flight behaviour and passive safety of the new IOTA DLS have been significantly improved compared to its predecessor. Thanks to the perfect adjustment of the lift distribution and fabric tension, turbulence is absorbed much better, without losing important feedback from the air mass to you, the pilot. The high level of flying comfort allows you to fly relaxed and fatigue-free over long distances.

Thanks to its perfect statics, the new IOTA DLS does not require any top surface C-Wires, which makes it even easier and more compact to fold.


From feedback from pilots and dealers we know that while they want the lightest possible products, their willingness to forego a certain level of robustness and longevity is less and less. Many people have only become aware of the consequences of ultralight products in their daily use after having flown with them for some time. Without special care, ultralight wings can, for example, show deformations in the airfoil, which have a lasting effect on flight behaviour and performance. The porosity of lightweight wings can also become a problem with intensive use.

That is why we decided, with the DLS, to tackle precisely this problem and to develop a product that meets this broad need. Our many years of experience in developing X-Alps hardware has helped us a lot. Thanks to our own computer-aided analysis, we are now able to analyse very precisely those areas of a glider that are subject to high stress and therefore require special measurements. In this way, we can not only specifically adapt the mixture of light and conventional materials, but also deduce the geometric shapes of certain components such as diagonals, tension bands or cross-ports in the ribs so that they do not deform, even over time and under stress.

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