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Never before have you been able to pack your rescue so small! The DROP lightweight belly container offers you the opportunity to pack your rescue to an unrivalled size and weight. This ventral container is ideal for mounting lightweight round and square rescue parachutes universally on a variety of harnesses. It's perfect for our lightweight parachutes TAPA X-ALPS and PEPPER CROSS LIGHT.

For an even smaller bag size, you can further compress the DROP with a zip. The cockpit can accommodate two flight instruments on the top velcro section.

(Supplied with risers)

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Size XS S M
Container weight (g) 90 100 110
Weight of rescue risers (g) 50 50 50
Volume (cm³) 1500 – 2200 2000 – 3800 2000 – 4200
Max. load of emergency risers (kg) 120 120 120


Can I mount the DROP ventral container on any harness?
Yes, the DROP is a universal belly container with 3 attachment points. However, your harness must only offer the possibility of attaching the horizontal attachment strap, which is sewn to the lower end of the DROP, to the chest strap or a leg strap of your harness.

The volume specifications of your rescue manufacturer must be respected. Of course, the DROP is best suited to our lightweight rescue parachutes (PEPPER CROSS LIGHT and TAPA X-ALPS). However, other light and compact rescue parachutes that match the volume range of the container can also be integrated into the DROP.

Should I use the Y spare halyard supplied?
Yes, because the lines that attach to the main carabiners are sewn directly onto the Y reserve halyard. Otherwise the container cannot be attached to the harness via one of the 3 attachment points.



Skywalk was founded in 2001 in Germany by a group of passionate friends. They make innovative harnesses and canopies, and above all, very high performance!
For cross-country flying, we mainly use lightweight harnesses with leg straps. These may not have an airbag or reserve pocket. To remedy this, you'll need a ventral container to attach your reserve parachute. FastThe para ventral pocket is universal and attaches in 2 movements to the main links. It's a large 4-fly pod that wraps around your reserve, keeping it closed with a big, colourful handle. The handle is right under your nose throughout the flight, so it's hard to miss in the event of a mishap! PracticeThanks to its prominent position, it often doubles up as a cockpit, where you can attach your flight instruments with Velcro. There are several models to choose from, with varying degrees of lightness depending on your intended use and the size of your parachute. There's no need to remain fixated on the brand of your harness or reserve parachute., only the size is important. Most rescue risers are included in the pack. A compatibility table is often supplied by the manufacturers, but don't hesitate to come into the shop with your rescue, because depending on whether it's round or square, the chest pockets will fit differently. When you make your purchase, we'll install your rescue parachute together, so that you can familiarise yourself with the handling of the rescue system.

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