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A simple, robust sock bag that allows you to fold your sail in 3 or 4 without damaging the leading edge. And always 100% made in France.

2 sizes are available to best fit your paraglider.

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Easy pack 2.0 bag :: NEOSIMPLE AND ROBUST

At NEO, we design products without the superfluous, just the essential.
The primary function of a packing bag is to help you pack your wing without damaging the leading edge.


We've adapted the size of the bags to the new sail dimensions.
A long, thin bag for beginners and B sails, and a shorter, wider bag to accommodate
the volume of the leading edges of the performance sails.

Technical description of the product

M : 445 gr / S : 395 gr

M: 290 x 37 cm / S: 240 x 43 cm

Neo Easypack Illustration

Doussard, France

Top and bottom openings and mesh insert for easy air extraction (on size M only), internal strap for leading edge, Velcro riser hooks, external compression strap on slide, separable zip for full opening with protective strap.

Nylon, polyester mesh, KROKO zip, YKK buckles



Neo is a young brand in paragliding, which has been able to climb the ladder quickly thanks to the experience of Eric Roussel and the care taken in the manufacture of its products. Each harness is thought out and tested for several years before arriving on the market. A 100% French brand, since the workshop is in Haute-Savoie!
The sock bag has become an indispensable tool for folding your paraglider quickly and easily without damaging your precious ruffles. Its small volume also means it compresses the glider efficiently, saving you space in your reversible harness :)

how does it work?

Commonly known as "sausage bagor "sock bagThis long cover will intelligently hold the leading edge of your wing in place to prevent bad folds. The bladder thus formed will no longer slip on itself and destroy your beautiful folding. Thanks to an additional zip fastening, you'll be able to compress your underbag sufficiently to fit your paraglider into a small carrying volume.

Which size to choose?

You will need to know the length of cord of your paraglider to choose the right sock bag. This can easily be found in the specifications table for your paraglider. If you're not sure, give us a call or come along with your paragliding equipment to try it out in the shop! In response to the success of these compression bags, manufacturers have developed light and ultra-light versions, so that every paraglider can find what they're looking for...  

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