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The Foras Edelrid is a very lightweight carabiner. Designed for webbing up to 25 mm wide, this lightweight 50 g aluminium carabiner opens sideways!

weight: 50 g
Dimensions: 80 x 48 mm

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The carabiner is specifically designed for use with harnesses with narrow straps up to 25mm in diameter.

The Edelrid Foras carabiner opens sideways to make it easier to pass your glider's webbing or risers through the carabiner.
Thanks to its H-shaped geometry, the karabiner has a breaking strength of 23 kN.
Finally, its Triple-Lock locking system guarantees a high level of security while remaining easy to use.

- Width: 48 mm
- maximum vertical load: 23 kN
- Certification: EN 362
- Material: Aluminium
- Closure: Triple

- Triple Lock for even greater security
- H-shaped profile for optimum use of material and minimum weight
- Side-opening finger provides a large 15 mm opening

Materials are becoming lighter and straps narrower. To prevent them from slipping, the karabiners need to be thinner and thinner. The disadvantage is that their opening is not wide enough to ensure effective attachment of the paraglider's risers. But the FORAS is like no other. Designed for straps up to 25mm wide, this lightweight 50g aluminium carabiner opens sideways! It has a breaking strength of 23 kN, thanks in part to its H-profile design. The Twist Lock automatic locking system ensures optimum handling, and a batch number showing the year of manufacture makes it easy to check the maximum lifespan. The rounded edges of the FORAS provide optimum support for the sling, and the anti-twist device (20071) specially developed for the Foras prevents the karabiner from getting in the way. No more twisted carabiners or slipping straps. Each part is mechanically inspected before leaving EDELRID's premises.



Supair is a pioneering paragliding brand, born in Haute-Savoie in 1979 thanks to the innovative spirit of Pierre Bouilloux and mountain thermals. Its common thread: the pleasure of flying, closeness to paragliders, excellence and teamwork. And they have never lost the thread. SUPAIR harnesses are inscribed in the memory of free flight. Their canopies are instinctive with a reassuring feel. The accessories accompany you in the air. The SUPAIR brand brings together designers, children of flight, and stratospheric imaginations to design outdoor products. Literally. We don't put on airs, we simply look like what we are: an efficient, well-groomed brand that is open to the freedom of the winds. Since the beginnings of paragliding, the brand has remained faithful to the creative and adventurous spirit of the pioneers, to facilitate access to the air for all new paragliders and to imagine new, innovative products and services. Everything had to be invented in the first Supair flights. Everything is still to be invented with each flight in our community.
Your harness is delivered with suitable carabiners, but we recommend changing them every 5 years. The width of their base is adapted to the width of your straps, which is why you'll find a multitude of carabiners in various shapes and sizes in this hardware section. Tandem or acro harnesses will be fitted with steel carabiners to cope with the heavy loads and pressures exerted. To be effective, the pull must be exerted vertically; if your carabiner gets in the way: watch out! If your carabiner is crooked: watch out! It means it's not suitable, and this inadequate force will weaken it. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts, because we know our products inside out :). The lights harnesses can do without metal and use connectors, small dyneema straps that are much lighter and surprisingly stronger than steel! There's only the psychological barrier to overcome...

Should carabiners be lubricated?

Paragliding carabiners are lubricated with silicone when fitted. This is no longer necessary, except in the event of sand or other contamination. If this happens, wash with detergent, rinse, dry and lubricate with a fluid oil (as for mountaineering carabiners), but do not use grease! Regularly check that your carabiners are working properly!

How long does a carabiner last?

Unlike carabiners used in mountaineering, paragliding carabiners are not subject to impact. We still recommend replacing them every 5 years or as soon as they have difficulty closing.

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