Chrigel Maurer's gloves! All leather, for flexibility and robustness...
Abrasion resistant, windproof and waterproof, these gloves are perfect for all three seasons.

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The KRISTALL FLEX glove features a newly developed double-shell design, the basic concept of which is an imitation of the shell of a crab. This technology gives the glove exceptional flexibility without losing its fit. The glove has additional ventilation on the underside.

Extremely durable deer leather is now used on the palms of the hands. On the top of the hand, high quality goat leather is used. Both materials are easy to care for, abrasion resistant, wind and water repellent. A moisture-regulating thermal fabric is used as the inner lining and also serves as an insulating layer. The stretch cuff is heat resistant and not bulky. The KRISTALL FLEX is ideal as a 3-season comfort glove.


Occasionally treat leather surfaces with leather grease to keep them moisturized and durable.

To wash, put on the leather glove and wash with a mild leather detergent (available in specialist shops) in moderately warm (rather cold) water, as if you were washing your hands.

Never brush or scrub! Rinse well, without wringing out too much and hang them up to dry. It is imperative to avoid all sources of heat, such as heaters, dryers, hairdryers, direct sunlight, etc. When it is almost dry, put on gloves and knead it to restore its shape and softness.

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Basisrausch products meet the high Swiss quality standards for paragliders. The models offered are the result of a great deal of thought and experience. Thanks to their reputation, Basisrauch gloves have won over paragliders all over the world.
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Our paragliding shop offers a wide range of gloves and sleeves for paragliding. We have men's, women's and unisex gloves to suit all tastes and sizes. One of the biggest problems in paragliding is cold hands. It can cause severe pain in the fingers, making it difficult to operate the controls and accessories in flight. All too often, some pilots are in so much pain that they have to cut short their flight. Winter and autumn are not the only seasons affected by this phenomenon. Paragliding gloves may also be necessary in summer and spring. It is generally estimated that there is a drop of 1°C for every 100 metres of ascent. Even if the temperature seems mild when you land or take off, it can be much colder in the air and at higher altitudes, forcing you to land. Using gloves is the best way to combat these phenomena. There are two main categories of gloves and sleeves. Mid-season paragliding gloves: This type of glove is mainly used in autumn and spring, before or just after the onset of winter temperatures. Our paragliding shop offers a wide range of transitional gloves to protect and comfort your hands. From wrist to toe, paragliding gloves offer both waterproof protection and insulation. The palm of the glove has a surface that provides the grip needed for a firm hold on the flight controls. In addition, paragliding may require interaction with touch-screen flight instruments. The fingers may therefore contain a tactile coating. Winter gloves and paragliding sleeves: Winter gloves are used when mid-season gloves are no longer effective enough to reduce the cold in the hands. Because of their thickness, they are generally used from December to late April and early May. They should keep the palm and back of the hand warm and provide good ventilation to prevent perspiration. Gore-Tex fabrics and leathers are available for protection against wind and cold. There are even heated gloves ! What's more, some riders prefer sleeves at this time of year. Not only do they provide protection from the cold, but they also allow the controls used in the blanket itself to fit better. Buying paragliding gloves: ordering online Why order paragliding gloves online? Our paragliding shop offers a wide range of paragliding and paramotor gloves to suit all seasons and all sensibilities. The best models on the market have been selected by our team and are offered at attractive prices in our online paragliding shop. Browse our categories to find a wide range of brands such as Supair, Gin or WindsRiders and more. We have the right gloves for you!

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