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The Gin Genie X-Lite is a light weight cocoon harness for cross country or walking and flying. The Genie X-Lite is characterized by its high performance, stability and of course its very low weight. The Genie X-Lite is the perfect harness for pilots who want to fly long distance and still be comfortable in the air.

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The GENIE X-LITE is the complete XC cocoon. It has been designed to retain the essential qualities of safety, aerodynamics, comfort and practicality, while being as light and compact as possible. It is aimed at pilots who want to do XC flying, including walking and flying. Its features and performance will satisfy the most dedicated XC pilots, while remaining light and compact enough for hiking.


Neo Koroyd is a unique, patented design that crumples on impact. This results in far superior shock absorption to conventional protectors. This is especially true on the first impact, as cocoon certification protocols require two impacts. The Neo Koroyd protection is so effective that its thickness has been reduced to only 7 cm. This low profile, combined with a full aero cone, makes the GENIE X-LITE the most aerodynamic GIN XC cocoon to date.


The Neo Koroyd protector is inherently rigid and thus performs the functions of a seat plate, helping with steering precision and preventing the compression that often occurs with hammock-type cocoons.


The geometry and ABS (anti-balance system) have been adjusted and tuned for stability and handling, offering the XC rider comfort and stability while thermalling. The ABS system allows the pilot to adjust the stability in flight with one hand. This allows the pilot to easily switch from climb mode to transition mode for increased stability, especially in roll.

The GENIE X-LITE has a small storage volume and can easily fit into the 80L backpack.

Technical specifications

Size XS S M L
Driver height (cm) <165 165-175 170-185 >185
Weight of the harness (kg) 2.99 3.08 3.21 3.48
Volume of rescue container (L) 5.2 5.5 5.5 5.8
Carabiner height (mm) 450 450 460 480
Carabiner width (mm) 340-430 340-430 360-460 400-490
Volume of cockpit (L) 4.8 4.8 5.0 5.3


  • Neo-Koroyd 7 cm for maximum protection with minimum thickness
  • Subcutaneous rescue container with easy deployment system
  • ABS geometry with quick-cutting system and anti-forgetting functions
  • Low profile cockpit for 2-3 instruments and 5L storage
  • The complete section of the aeroconus is easily stored
  • Cobra buckles for easy use
  • 13 mm covered Dyneema webbing
  • The double-bladed hook knife can even cut the strap
  • Extra large rear pocket with pockets and routing for a hydration system (e.g. Camelbak) and radio
  • 2 zipped side pockets
  • Integrated throttle with 3-bar throttle and Harken pulleys



Gin Gliders was founded in 1998 by paraglider designer and competition pilot Gin Seok Song Some of us follow the movement, some of us follow our own path, some of us fly paragliders, some of us fly GIN Gin's philosophy is simple: to design paragliders that he and every other pilot love to fly. This philosophy applies equally to an entry-level wing such as the Bolero, and to the world-renowned competition wing, the Boomerang. No wing is released without Gin's complete satisfaction. Gin has over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing paragliders and is supported by an equally experienced team, both within the company in Korea and in a worldwide network of distributors and dealers. The "GIN Team" has dominated the Paragliding World Cup every year since 1998 and has enjoyed countless other competitive successes in World Cups, World Championships and National Championships. This high level of expertise provided by dedicated professionals guarantees you the best possible product support and after sales service.
There's one question in every paraglider's life: switching to a cocoon harness. The cocoon harness is the ultimate in comfort The coverleg is designed to provide total support, encompassing the entire body and reducing pressure points, as well as support for the legs, which gives the pilot rest and allows you to fly faster for longer, and effective protection against the cold, thanks to the coverleg.

Cocoon or not cocoon?

You're ready to take the plunge if : You are comfortable with the semi-recumbent position, which will require you to position your whole body differently when leaning on the harness. Yaw movements will have to be approached differently. Your pelvis is a little higher, and with it your centre of gravity, so instability will be a little more pronounced than in a sports harness. However, the leg straps help to reduce this effect. You're ready to bend your legs as soon as an unfamiliar sensation arrives. Cocoon harnesses are no longer just for paragliding competitors. Their comfort has seduced adventurers and they are becoming lighter to accompany your bivouac flights... We have a whole range of cocoon harnesses for you to try out. Here you'll find your first cocoon, stable and without too many adjustments, or light and with leg straps for mountain take-offs, with a large storage volume for the bivouac or a beautiful foiler for optimised aerodynamics... Come and try it out!

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