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Flying a paraglider is first of all about analysis and decision.
Going right or left? Go into transition? Landing... Your enjoyment and safety depend on the right decisions, but decisions are not limited to the flight phase.
To take off or not? Which site to choose today? Which glider, which harness, which rescue to buy? Which progression? A SIV course or a cross country course? Distance flying or hike-flying ?

Whatever your level of progress, this book 'Managing Risk in Paragliding' aims to help you acquire the skills to make the right decisions and minimise your exposure to threats, while having maximum fun under your wing.

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"The activity of paragliding is now coming of age. The proof... this book and its method!"
Pierre-Paul Ménégoz, instructor and author of reference

"A pragmatic approach that will be of interest to all pilots who want to minimise the risks in their practices. From the beginner to the experienced pilot, everyone can find concrete advice.
Guillaume Chatain, double winner of the CFD

"Many blame their equipment rather than themselves... this book marks a step forward in understanding accidentology. This book marks a step forward in understanding accidentology and is essential to increasing pilot skill and safety.
Bruce Goldsmith, designer and former world paragliding champion

"Paragliding in all its facets with very good advice to keep only the pleasure of being in the air: the book is to be consumed without moderation because it teaches us to preserve ourselves to progress!
Véronique Gensac, President of the FFVL

Author: Maxim Bellemin
Chemin des Crêtes Publishing

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