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The GTO LIGHT 2 harness is one of the best harnesses for Hike and Fly and Cross Country paragliding.
Even safer and more versatile, thanks to the adjustable ABS, removable windscreen, stronger elastic materials and the option of choosing between foam protection and the new inflatable protection.

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Size S M L XL
Certificate FR - LTF
Type of locking strap system Get-Up with anti-forgetting system
Type of back protection 16 cm foam protection or inflatable protection and Lightshield (TÜV cat. 2)
Approval number EAPR-GZ-0831/18
Relief housing Under-seat container with side handle
Workload 120daN
Emergency container 3000 - 5000 cm3
*Weight of the harness with FOAM protection 3.182 kg 3.345 kg 3.591 kg 3,657 kg
*Weight of the harness with GONFLABLE protection 3.106 kg 3.235 kg 3,444 kg 3,51 Kg
Distance between carabiner and seat 46cm 48cm 50.5cm 52cm
Carabiner to carabiner distance (min. max.) 37.5 - 48cm 37.5 - 51.5 cm
Higher ballast capacity 1 litre
Lower ballast capacity 3.8 litres 4.5 litres 5.3 litres 5.7 litres
Foam protection weight 411 grams 450 gr 530 gr 530 gr
Inflatable protection weight 335 grams 384 grams


● Revolutionary design.
● New, more robust materials.
● New harness locking system.
● Three-stage speed bar included.
● New low volume inflatable protection.
● New and safer rescue handle.
● New ABS system with harness stability control.
● Optional windscreen.
● Lightshield back protection.

Gto Light 2 Protection Square H Original

Woody Walley Gto Light (3) Woody Walley Gto Light (4) Woody Walley Gto Light (1) Woody Walley Gto Light (2)

The new inflatable protection makes your GTO Light 2 considerably lighter, and your Rucksack Light becomes more spacious inside and compact outside.

It weighs only 335 grams and inflates easily thanks to its tube along the shoulder strap.
You can easily zip the inflatable protection into the GTO Light 2, as well as the GTO Light 1.

The new removable windscreen offers better aerodynamics, and protects your face from the wind, making your flying experience more enjoyable than ever. Attaching and removing your windscreen is really easy with the three strategic buttons on the cockpit.
*The windscreen is sold as an option.


Woody Walley

Born out of a common passion for hang gliding between two Italian friends in the 1980s, Woody Valley is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of harnesses. The origin of the name Woody Valley is a touching story: Woody was the name of a dog that belonged to one of their pilot friends. He was a friendly dog, much loved by the whole group. Unfortunately Woody died in 1982, and his owner, Riccardo Segata, buried him in a small valley, which later became one of their favourite flying sites, and which he romantically renamed "Woody Valley". Soon the whole group started calling the place 'Woody Valley'. In the same period, the hang-gliding club "Woody Valley" was founded, and it later became one of the biggest and most famous free flying clubs in Italy.
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There's one question in every paraglider's life: switching to a cocoon harness. The cocoon harness is the ultimate in comfort The coverleg is designed to provide total support, encompassing the entire body and reducing pressure points, as well as support for the legs, which gives the pilot rest and allows you to fly faster for longer, and effective protection against the cold, thanks to the coverleg.

Cocoon or not cocoon?

You're ready to take the plunge if : You are comfortable with the semi-recumbent position, which will require you to position your whole body differently when leaning on the harness. Yaw movements will have to be approached differently. Your pelvis is a little higher, and with it your centre of gravity, so instability will be a little more pronounced than in a sports harness. However, the leg straps help to reduce this effect. You're ready to bend your legs as soon as an unfamiliar sensation arrives. Cocoon harnesses are no longer just for paragliding competitors. Their comfort has seduced adventurers and they are becoming lighter to accompany your bivouac flights... We have a whole range of cocoon harnesses for you to try out. Here you'll find your first cocoon, stable and without too many adjustments, or light and with leg straps for mountain take-offs, with a large storage volume for the bivouac or a beautiful foiler for optimised aerodynamics... Come and try it out!

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