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You've probably come across it a thousand times at the deco . The Kortel Tandem Bag 2 is the undisputed reference for professionals!
Excellent carrying, very robust, easy to use... the best.

Capacity: 200 litres
Weight: 1.5 kg

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The Biplace II bag is the latest development of the beanbag invented by Kortel Design many years ago.

Features :

  • Improved porting compared to the old version.
  • Ergonomic carrying straps.
  • 2 side carrying handles.
  • Wide abdominal strap. Height adjustable chest strap.
  • Allows the sail to be stored in a ball and the bag to be closed with a single strap.
  • The bag can be held down with the foot for easy closing.
  • The capacity of the bag allows for the storage of the tandem, the pilot's harness and reserve, both helmets, and the passenger's harness.
  • 2 transverse compression straps with metal buckles.
  • Tunnel pocket to store the pole and camera.
  • Transparent pocket for the bag's identity card.
  • Small coin pocket.

Data :

Capacity: 200 litres
Weight: 1.5 kg



Kortel Design is a French brand, born at the foot of Mont Blanc in the late 1990s. Denis Cortella, a demanding pilot, decided to design and manufacture the product of his dreams himself. The living room of the flat became the gathering point for all his friends who came to discuss, lend a hand and place an order for their future harness. Over the years, Kortel Design has become a well-known company on the paragliding market, thanks to its technical know-how and its ability to surprise.
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This type of bag is known as a "quick pack" or "pouf" because it offers the advantage of quickly storing your paraglider in a ball before going back up to the hangar. Initially used for speed riding wings or tandem paraglidingThis type of bag is very practical for making several flights during the day without wasting time scrupulously packing your glider. They are also useful for storing your paraglider over a long period, without compressing it too much. This allows it to air out, dry out, in short, to breathe... Experience shows that our paragliders don't wear out any faster in this type of 'beanbag'. However, it is still advisable to pay attention to how you store the leading edge and the rushes if you have any on your wing. For competition wings or wings with very long leading edges, we recommend sock bags: See here.

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