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Lightness 3 harness :: ADVANCE

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The LIGHTNESS 3 offers complete comfort and greater protection. The chassis has evolved, with higher anchoring points for greater stability. The new choice between a standard or lightweight speedbag offers a wider range of uses. There's also an optional windscreen for added comfort.

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Sizes S M L
Driver heights (cm) 155-172 165-183 178-202
Weight of the harness (kg) 3.25 3.50 3.58

The new design of the suspension and chest strap geometry puts the LIGHTNESS 3 in a class of its own, with excellent in-flight comfort - especially in accelerated flight - and great stability. The seat shell moulds perfectly to each pilot's body, protecting it when necessary. Handling the harness on the ground, for example when adjusting the speedbag, is particularly easy.

The new options and possible configurations make this third generation of LIGHTNESS more modular and flexible than ever before. If we consider the weight of the equipment alone, the possible options for the S size (from 2.75 kg to 3.37 kg) open up a wide range of uses - for example, a multi-day bivouac expedition or perhaps a new distance-flying record.

The LIGHTNESS 3 features a whole host of important details, including SAS-TEC back protection, a large-capacity back pocket, a drink system attachment, an optional speedbag access line, an opening for the urinal tube, a cockpit access cable to the additional battery, a cockpit buckle to clip onto the chest strap and easy-to-move adjustment balls to adjust the standard length of the speedbag.

SAS-TEC protector and back protector
The first LIGHTNESS had comfort foam only, then came the LIGHTNESS 2 with its approved foam protector under the seat. Now the LIGHTNESS 3 also includes SAS-TEC removable visco-elastic shock protection all along the back.

Even more comfort
The LIGHTNESS 2 was a benchmark in terms of comfort among lightweight XC seat harnesses without a seatboard. The LIGHTNESS 3 does even better. Thanks to a new suspension design and chest strap geometry, the third-generation LIGHTNESS offers a perfect balance between harness damping and wing feel.

Using the optional windscreen
The optional windscreen reduces the windchill effect on the pilot, effectively preventing unwanted cooling of the body. In transitional flight, it also reduces the continuous level of wind noise, especially in accelerated flight. The wind deflector significantly reduces pilot fatigue caused by persistent wind noise on very long cross-country flights.

Lightweight speedbag
With the LIGHTNESS 3, riders can choose between a standard speedbag and a lightweight speedbag. With the lightweight speedbag, and with the SAS-TEC back protector removed, the LIGHTNESS 3 in size S weighs just 2.75 kg, in size M 2.90 kg and in size L 3.15 kg. And all this with the same level of comfort as the previous LIGHTNESS 2, but with improved stability in flight.



The brand ADVANCE has always been synonymous with quality, innovation and attention to detail. As pioneers in the world of paragliding, they have always been in tune with the pilots. With Swiss precision, their glider models meet the highest demands and are refined year after year. Absolute quality and reliability, both in the air and in their services.
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