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"The new reference!
It is not only the great complexity of this wing with its 76 cells and additional miniribs, offering an extremely smooth finish.
It's not just its breathtaking performance in thermals, glide and speed.
It's the balance. The manoeuvrability and the feeling of being at one with this extraordinary wing!

Hannes Papesh

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size 19 21 22 23 25
number of cells 76 76 76 76 76
project size. m 8,81 9.26 9,49 9,69 10,10
projected surface 18.82 20.82 21.81 22.77 24,71
elongation proj. 4.13 4.13 4.13 4.13 4.13
flat span m 11,02 11.59 11,87 12,12 12,63
flat surface 21,86 24.17 25,35 26.45 28,72
flat elongation 5,56 5,56 5,56 5,56 5,56
Suspension height m 6,55 6.89 7,06 7.21 7,51
maximum rope m 2,47 2,6 2,66 2,72 2,83
minimum rope m 0,56 0,59 0,6 0,62 0,64
weight kg 4,3 4,75 4,95 5,1 5,45
ptv kg 65-85 75-95 83-103 90-110 105-130
ptv plus kg 85-90 95-100 103-108 110-115 130-135
ptv homologation kg 65-90 75-100 83-108 90-115 105-135
approval (EN/LTF) B B B B B
ptv engine kg 65-150 75-150 83-170 90-170 105-170
DGAC approval i.A. i.A. i.A. i.A. i.A.
material Porcher Skytex 32 / 27 double coated
lifts R07 (3+1)
elevated length mm 600 600 600 600 600
acceleration race. mm 180 180 180 180 200

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How to fold the Maestro?

The MAESTRO 2's rods are fairly short and not very sensitive to bending. You can fold the MAESTRO 2 without too much care.

What is the revision interval for a Maestro?

The first overhaul should be carried out after two years of use, or earlier in the case of intensive use. Our experience with our line material mix has shown that there is very little drift and that it stays within the tolerances for a long time. Remember to check the length of your brakes regularly.

Bear in mind, however, that like any high performance wing, the MAESTRO 2 will perform at its best with an annual trim check.


The Maestro 2 is delivered with the R07 semi-lightweight pilot risers with handles on the C-arms.
This is a very simple and straightforward design, which is intended for easy operation and good dimensional stability over time.

Technical data MAESTRO 2

After numerous simulations and real prototypes, we came up with a highly complex design that achieves an unmatched surface finish and very high shape stability. The sharp increase in the number of cells (76 cells compared to the 60 of the previous one) in combination with the optimised 3D shaping, the new high-stability structural ribs and the additional miniribs in the leading edge, offer a clear reduction of wrinkles in the essential part of the wing for its lift and speed. The result is not only better performance at all speeds. The airflow is more stable and laminar: the maximum lift is higher, the flyable angle of attack larger, the low speed flight excellent, the handling more forgiving (longer brake travels), and consequently the thermalling capabilities reach a new level. By continuing to optimise we have finally reached new levels in the famous safety/performance ratio. During the optimisation process we validated each design element in its objectives: we eliminated some trailing edge miniribs, the lower beads and some beads in the wingtips. In the end, the MAESTRO 2 is only slightly heavier than its predecessor and reasonably priced. And with fewer ruffles, it's easier to fold and store. The MAESTRO 2 only has rushes where they are really needed.



Phi is the paragliding brand created by Hanness Papesh, and carried by a whole team of enthusiasts. Phi has made its mark in the paragliding world with wings that are accessible, fun and built to last. Phi focuses on the quality of its wings but also pushes the reflection to deliver us perfectly accomplished wings, as well in the choice of materials as in their extraordinary performing profile. A must try!
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The B are the most versatile. A wide range to suit most paragliders! In this category you'll find gliders with more finesse, aimed at both occasional paragliders and experienced cross-country flyers. Even if they are not officially under-classified, they will be called B-, B, or B+, depending on their reactivity.
  • Leasy B paragliders (enB-)They allow you to tackle the first transitions with confidence, and will react more quickly than school sails during pitch, roll and wing manoeuvres.
  • Paragliders in B are available as soon as you have your pilot's licence. The pleasure of gliding is now just a wing's length away :) They help you get a better feel for thermals, and tighten your core so you can fly efficiently from thermal to thermal. Most of them are available in a light version, with thin dyneema risers and lightweight fabric. This considerably reduces storage volume, so they can be slipped into the smallest of rucksacks to suit hike-and-fly paragliding, cross-country flying, or your luggage to accompany your travels!
  • enB+ paragliders are even faster and livelier. Typically cross-country, they are designed for pilots who are already attacking thermals and who have accumulated a good number of flights. The piloting becomes precise and dynamic, the maximum speed high, and you experience a real pleasure of gliding. Their finesse means you can hang up at the best of your transitions... Still enB approved, it is however recommended that you have already completed a pilot training course (SIV) and have compiled 50 hours of flying time per year to be able to use this type of glider. Fans of bivouac flying will also find what they're looking for in this range, as lightweight versions are also available!
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