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Paraglider Mullet X :: FLOW

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The Mullet X is a Mullet with more speed, more dive, more energy and more flare. Its shorter lines give it different handling and feel. We think this glider
will revolutionise what can be achieved with para-kite technology.
It's just as manoeuvrable as the Mullet, but with a wider speed range.

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Mullet X Flow Table

Mullet X Colours

Features :

  • Fly like a hang glider
  • Change of angle of attack
  • Resistant to closure
  • Maximum speed at your fingertips
  • High-precision controls
  • Parakite = Paraglider + kite system



Australian paragliding brand imported into France by Scorpio. A young and ambitious brand with accessible and safe models whose performance in competition has been highly acclaimed.
Flow Paragliders
Mountain paragliding offers the promise of wild escapes, immersion in nature, tranquillity on take-off and the shared pleasure of a hike with friends... Lightweight paragliders are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason: thanks to their small size, you can take your paragliding equipment with you wherever you go. Whether you're travelling or in the mountains, you'll never miss another opportunity to fly! Mountain gliders are affordable, and are usually enA or enB approved, so you can fly in variable air conditions in complete safety. A true Swiss Army knife of paragliding, they have a lot going for them! Thanks to their compact size and featherweight, they're just as appealing to backpacking paragliders as they are to mountain lovers. To meet an increasingly versatile demand, this range of lightweight paragliders now offers a wide range of possibilities: ultralight gliders for paralpinism, compact gliders for travellers, or light and sleek gliders for bivouac flights, you're bound to find your new ally here... Our centre is ideally located at the foot of the mountains... Make the most of it! Come and try out our favourite playgrounds!

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