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Mystic paragliding :: FLOW

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Mystic is one of the new 2024 models, an EN-C light in two lines.
Mechanically designed for real performance, it's lightweight and durable. The judicious choice of materials contributes to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, guaranteeing ease of use, durability and practicality. Designed for riders engaged in hike and fly competitions, the Mystic can be transformed into a real racing machine. Naturally, it's also the ideal everyday paraglider, thanks to its ease of use.

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Mystic Flow

Featuring the latest generation sharknose, it offers unrivalled comfort in flight. It allows pilots to push the limits of the wing with complete confidence and concentrate fully on the surrounding aerology.

Its compact aspect ratio and lightweight 2-line rear risers provide an unrivalled connection between glider and pilot. As for the Mystic's landing characteristics, its new profile allows pilots to land in steep areas with plenty of warning, as well as providing excellent low-speed handling.

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Australian paragliding brand imported into France by Scorpio. A young and ambitious brand with accessible and safe models whose performance in competition has been highly acclaimed.
Flow Paragliders
Performance sails inC belong to the cross-country category. Sharpened for long-distance flights, they are more demanding and are aimed at experienced pilots. They offer excellent glide performance. Their sharp shark nose leading edge allows them to cross variations in the air mass without slowing down, and to have efficient handling and immediate acceleration in accelerated flight. In their quest for performance and to reduce drag, most of them are now 2-line models.

What are the two lines?

Initially, a paraglider resembled a large spider's web: there were 4 rows of lines (in addition to the brake halyards). Some designers began to trim the lines to reduce drag. Then the race for performance gradually led to the elimination of lines... So, after the 3 lines are born 2 lines... This modification is not without consequences: less drag, more performance, but also more demanding. Initially reserved for competition models, this modification will soon be found on virtually all 'performance' paragliders (EN-D). If you already have a C rating, and you often fly accelerated, and feel limited by the performance of your wing, then this type of glider is probably for you. Some C paragliders (with or without 2 lines) are on sale and available for test flights at the paragliding shop of Grands Espaces. This is still the best way to form an opinion. Find out more about 2-line EN C comparison and Robin's impressions.

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