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NEO 3-bar semi-rigid accelerator for cross country sailing. Very strong with 2 loops for the elastic halyards to be connected to the bottom of the cocoon.
Supplied with 4mm sheathed and zigzag stitched halyards, and split hooks for connection to risers.

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Name : 3 step accelerator
Geometry: 3-bar accelerator with 2 attachment points to the cocoon
Delivered with 4 mm halyard + split hooks
Size: one size
Weight: 94 g
Main materials: Polyamide halyard and webbing
Materials: European origin
Manufacturing: France



Neo is a young brand in paragliding, which has been able to climb the ladder quickly thanks to the experience of Eric Roussel and the care taken in the manufacture of its products. Each harness is thought out and tested for several years before arriving on the market. A 100% French brand, since the workshop is in Haute-Savoie!
Sometimes supplied with your harness, the accelerators and foot wedge are, for the most part, optional items that will make your flight more comfortable.
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Improve your speed performance and optimise your flights with our range ofAccelerators. Transform your leading edge to split the air mass and gain speed. An essential part of long-distance flying, our entire range is divided into light and comfort products, suitable for all profiles.
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You can also take advantage of our choice of footrests to slide more easily into your harness. They are also useful for resting your legs during long paragliding flights. Most footrests are universal, fitting all harnesses and attaching to their main straps by means of plastic buckles or metal trimmers. Some harnesses are even pre-equipped to accept and adjust them easily. The footbrace complements the accelerator, as it allows you to fly with your legs stretched out, and therefore accelerate for longer.

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