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SKYWALK's PACE single surface is the lightest EN B certified paraglider on the market ! With its ultra-small footprint and minimal weight (from 1.05 kg), its areas of use are almost limitless. Developed in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, this ultra-light paraglider sets new standards. Perfect for trail runners, climbers and ambitious mountaineers, the PACE weighs next to nothing.

Combined with the SLEEVE harness and the TAPA X-ALPS rescue system, you'll have a complete pack for just over 2 kilograms!

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Size 70+ 85+ 95+
Cell number 41 41 41
Area flat (m²) 16 18 20
Area projected (m²) 13.63 15.34 17.04
Wingspan flat (m) 8.39 8.9 9.38
Wingspan projected (m) 6.72 7.13 7.51
Aspect ratio flat 4.4 4.4 4.4
Aspect ratio projected 3.31 3.31 3.31
min. profile depth (cm) 78 83 87
max. profile depth (cm) 229 243 256
Weight (kg) 1.05 1.15 1.24
Take-off weight from - to (kg) EN/LTF B 50 – 90 65 – 100 70 – 110

What size should I choose for my Skywalk Pace?

Compared to a conventional paraglider, a mono-surface wing is more sensitive to wing loading and will fly slower with a slightly lower wing loading faster and more dynamic with a slightly higher wing loading. The graph helps you choose the right size.

Take your alpine adventures to the next level

The PACE paraglider takes off almost by itself. You don't even need to take the controls in your hand. A simple push on the harness and the glider is immediately above the pilot. The ultralight wing climbs very quickly, but stops on its own and doesn't overshoot. In just a few steps, you're already in the air. The PACE is therefore perfect for taking off from the smallest launch sites, as well as from very difficult terrain.

In the air, the PACE reacts directly to control inputs, flying intuitively and with playful ease. Control pressure is very low. In turbulence, the Pace's design offers extremely high resistance to asymmetric collapses and exceptional stability. The SKYWALK Pace stabilises itself and re-aligns itself above the pilot if necessary. As a result, there is virtually no pendulum movement when exiting a spiral dive.

For the landing, to find the flare with a monosurface, it is important to have a good speed beforehand. The SKYWALK Pace has been fitted with the NUDGE system. This generates additional lift on landing by additionally applying the C-risers from a certain brake application.

For more details on flight behaviour and handling, see the PACE tutorial.

Skywalk Pace technology :

  • Self-inflating leading edge: The closed leading edge reduces weight, ensures good take-off behaviour and increases speed in a single-surface design.
  • Mono Panel: A summary of the cells in the rear section of the wing gives extremely low weight, reduces the number of profiled ribs and simplifies pre-flight preparations.
  • 3D-Shaping: Precise calculation of the geometry of the leading edge and the fitting of an extra strip of fabric reduce creasing in this sensitive part of the sail. Benefits: exact wing shape, more performance.
  • Rigid Foil: Nylon threads hold the leading edge and profile in shape and ensure a more constant dynamic air pressure. Benefits: better take-off behaviour and increased performance.
  • Loops & Hooks: Loops on the upper surface to facilitate take-off from steep or slippery terrain.
  • Nudge System: Generates extra lift on landing and improves flare characteristics.
  • Smart link System: Colour-coded seams on the risers to ensure that the risers are connected correctly and without being twisted. red = left, blue = right

Pace materials :

  • Extrados Porcher Skytex 27 double coated, Dominico 10D
  • Intrados Porcher Skytex 27g hard, Skytex 32g hard
  • Liros PPSLS 180/125 low hangers; Edelrid 8001U - 70
  • Edelrid 8001U intermediate hanger - 130/90/70/50
  • Liros DC 35 high hangers
  • Liros DFLP 200/32, PPSL 125, DC 35 brakes;
  • Edelrid 8001U - 90/50
  • Amare 4mm risers



Skywalk was founded in 2001 in Germany by a group of passionate friends. They make innovative harnesses and canopies, and above all, very high performance!
Mountain paragliding offers the promise of wild escapes, immersion in nature, tranquillity on take-off and the shared pleasure of a hike with friends... Lightweight paragliders are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason: thanks to their small size, you can take your paragliding equipment with you wherever you go. Whether you're travelling or in the mountains, you'll never miss another opportunity to fly! Mountain gliders are affordable, and are usually enA or enB approved, so you can fly in variable air conditions in complete safety. A true Swiss Army knife of paragliding, they have a lot going for them! Thanks to their compact size and featherweight, they're just as appealing to backpacking paragliders as they are to mountain lovers. To meet an increasingly versatile demand, this range of lightweight paragliders now offers a wide range of possibilities: ultralight gliders for paralpinism, compact gliders for travellers, or light and sleek gliders for bivouac flights, you're bound to find your new ally here... Our centre is ideally located at the foot of the mountains... Make the most of it! Come and try out our favourite playgrounds!

The B are the most versatile. A wide range to suit most paragliders! In this category you'll find gliders with more finesse, aimed at both occasional paragliders and experienced cross-country flyers. Even if they are not officially under-classified, they will be called B-, B, or B+, depending on their reactivity.
  • Leasy B paragliders (enB-)They allow you to tackle the first transitions with confidence, and will react more quickly than school sails during pitch, roll and wing manoeuvres.
  • Paragliders in B are available as soon as you have your pilot's licence. The pleasure of gliding is now just a wing's length away :) They help you get a better feel for thermals, and tighten your core so you can fly efficiently from thermal to thermal. Most of them are available in a light version, with thin dyneema risers and lightweight fabric. This considerably reduces storage volume, so they can be slipped into the smallest of rucksacks to suit hike-and-fly paragliding, cross-country flying, or your luggage to accompany your travels!
  • enB+ paragliders are even faster and livelier. Typically cross-country, they are designed for pilots who are already attacking thermals and who have accumulated a good number of flights. The piloting becomes precise and dynamic, the maximum speed high, and you experience a real pleasure of gliding. Their finesse means you can hang up at the best of your transitions... Still enB approved, it is however recommended that you have already completed a pilot training course (SIV) and have compiled 50 hours of flying time per year to be able to use this type of glider. Fans of bivouac flying will also find what they're looking for in this range, as lightweight versions are also available!
As you can see, there's bound to be an enB paraglider to suit you ...

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