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Just like a bird... spread your wings, take off smoothly and simply fly: the ALPHA 7 is the ideal partner for this. The most modern technologies, combined with high quality materials, ensure fun and safety during training and long afterwards, guaranteeing maximum flying pleasure. A benchmark in school gliding.

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ALPHA 7 22 24 26 28 31
Flat surface m2 22.1 24.0 26.1 28.5 31.9
Projected area m2 19.2 20.8 22.4 24.4 27.4
Recommended total flying weight kg 50-70 60-80 70-95 85-110 100-130
Extended weight range kg 70-85 80-95 95-110 110-125 130-145
Wing weight kg 4.2 4.5 4.75 5.15 5.7
Span m 10.4 10.8 11.3 11.8 12.5
Projected span m 8.4 8.7 9.0 9.4 9.9
Elongation 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8
Projected elongation 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6
Maximum rope m 2.66 2.77 2.89 3.02 3.19
Cells 38 38 38 38 38
Approval of the recommended total flying weight EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A
Approval for extended weight range EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A EN/LTF A
Number of lifts 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1


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Simply take off

Thanks to a simple line concept, the ALPHA 7 has few attachment points and lines. The layout is very clear and the lines are quickly untangled. The ALPHA 7 makes it easy to take off and fly. As for the weight, thanks to an ingenious internal structure and the use of high quality materials, it is light.

Flying safely

Innovative technologies give the ALPHA 7 a high level of safety. These include the "Air Scoop" combined with the typical ADVANCE rounded leading edge openings, which ensure better internal pressure. This gives the ALPHA 7 a very low stall point, with very clear, progressive control forces. This is a safety advantage for the pilot, who benefits from the handling of the glider.

Long-term enjoyment

The ALPHA 7 was not only designed for the training period, but also and above all for the time afterwards. It is aimed at all pilots who value a high level of safety combined with attractive performance. Thanks to its modern technology, including 3D shaping in the leading edge area and an ingenious diagonal rib construction, it offers an astonishing level of performance in the A class.

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Why is the ALPHA 7 such a good beginner wing?

The ALPHA 7 demonstrates a high level of safety and easy handling. This is evident even before take-off. The new "Easy Connect System", for example, helps the pilot to position himself correctly in the risers with ease and safety.
In flight the ALPHA 7 has a marked tendency to return to steady flight. This means that sometimes incorrect or excessive control inputs from a novice pilot will have only a measured effect on the energy of the glider, which will quickly return to its previous flight conditions.
Finally, the ALPHA 7 is considerably lighter than the previous model. In addition, its stall characteristics have been further improved. The stall point is much lower, and can only be reached by applying a particularly high load to the brakes.

How is the ALPHA 7 different from a basic beginner wing?

The internal structure of the ALPHA 7 consists partly of "Sliced Diagonals". This sophisticated technology, usually found on higher category gliders, saves a lot of line length through a more efficient distribution of the canopy's loads. Again, this contributes to a significant improvement in performance for an A class wing. In addition, the ALPHA 7 benefits from 3D-Shaping. This results in a very taut profile surface in the critical leading edge area, improving airflow and therefore performance. These qualities, together with an extended weight range, clearly distinguish the ALPHA 7 from any other beginner glider.



The brand ADVANCE has always been synonymous with quality, innovation and attention to detail. As pioneers in the world of paragliding, they have always been in tune with the pilots. With Swiss precision, their glider models meet the highest demands and are refined year after year. Absolute quality and reliability, both in the air and in their services.
Your first paraglider is often the one you remember for the rest of your life! We looked at it a lot during our inflation exercises, felt it during our first canopy take-offs, listened to it during our first solo flights... it was a real relationship that was built up... but then... It's the end of the introductory course and you're a pedestrian again. The sky is calling you, and so are your paragliding buddies...  It's high time to get your gear and join the flying world! When you're just starting out, you're not sure which paraglider to choose... Don't panic, we're here to help! Our paragliding school is full of new models, which we update regularly. So you can try before you buy, in flight or in inflation, and benefit from the expert advice of our instructors. If you need to, you can also join our school on a training day, for a stress-free trial. Our demo school fleet helps you make your choice, and can also be adapted to your budget if you opt for a second-hand paraglider. By the way, what is a paragliding "School" wing? The beginner's glider, known as a "training glider", is A-rated. Thanks to its forgiving design, it promises easy take-offs, plenty of time in the air to build up your approaches and landings, rock-solid solidity during inflation exercises, and good stability in the air. So they're not the fastest, but they're the safest way to progress in stages. Thanks to constant improvements by our suppliers, they're even more fun and gliding! You won't be getting rid of them any time soon :)

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