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The Bonanza 3 offers access to a whole new world of flying. Performance and speed have never been so accessible.

The Bonanza 3 is GIN's new 2-line wing for cross country pilots with an optimised profile. Delayed airflow separation at high angles of attack increases aerodynamic efficiency - you climb faster with more control.

  • excellent rate of climb with Wave Leading Edge
  • Excellent glide performance in turbulent conditions. Its bite allows it to go through air mass variations without slowing down
  • high pitch stability in strong conditions
  • very stable, especially accelerated
  • efficient piloting and immediate acceleration in accelerated flight
  • high max speed.
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Technical specifications Bonanza 3 :

Flat area (m2) 19.53 21.20 23.00 24.88 26.90
Wingspan flat (m) 11.09 11.56 12.04 12.52 13.02
Flattened elongation 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3
Projected area (m2) 16.58 17.99 19.52 21.11 22.83
Projected span (m) 8.93 9.31 9.69 10.08 10.48
Projected elongation 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81 4.81
Rope (m) 2.14 2.27 2.32 2.41 2.51
Number of cells 65 65 65 65 65
Sail weight (kg) 4.3 4.5 4.75 5.15 5.55
Weight in flight (WIF) (kg) 60-75 75-90 85-100 95-110 105-125
Certification IN C IN C IN C IN C IN C


Bonanza 3 Coul

The designer has the floor

Designer Gin Seok Song explains the concept behind the Bonanza 3

"The design objective was not to push the limits of the "C" category, but to make a true XC wing that would be the natural successor to the Bonanza 2. It was also important to consider pilots who are progressing from B category wings like the Explorer series. By making the Bonanza 3 as a 2-line and with the Wave Leading Edge technology from the Boomerang 12, we were able to reduce the aspect ratio slightly, which makes the wing more fun to fly and more accessible.

Of course, to fly this wing, pilots must be well trained in active reopening techniques for both lines."

Technical details Bonanza 3 :

  • Optimized airfoil with Wave Leading Edge technology for performance at high angles of attack
  • 2 risers for true rear steering
  • Unsheathed aramid suspension with optimised diameters
  • Acceleration system with Harken pulleys
  • Colour-coded stabilo hanger for easy identification
  • Mini ribs on the trailing edge
  • Sharpened trailing edge during braking for greater precision
  • Semi-lightweight Myungjin and lightweight Porcher fabrics selected for an ideal compromise between durability and lightness

Materials :

Topside leading edge: Myungjin MJ40 MF
Main top surface: Myungjin MJ32 MF
Main backing: Porcher Skytex, 27 g/m².

Tops: Edelrid 8001 / 050 / 070 / 090 / 130 (unsheathed aramid)
Intermediates: Edelrid 8001 / 050 / 070 / 090 / 130 / 190 (unsheathed aramid)
Bass: Edelrid 8001 090 / 130 / 190 / 230 / 280 / 340 (unsheathed aramid)


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Gin Gliders was founded in 1998 by paraglider designer and competition pilot Gin Seok Song Some of us follow the movement, some of us follow our own path, some of us fly paragliders, some of us fly GIN Gin's philosophy is simple: to design paragliders that he and every other pilot love to fly. This philosophy applies equally to an entry-level wing such as the Bolero, and to the world-renowned competition wing, the Boomerang. No wing is released without Gin's complete satisfaction. Gin has over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing paragliders and is supported by an equally experienced team, both within the company in Korea and in a worldwide network of distributors and dealers. The "GIN Team" has dominated the Paragliding World Cup every year since 1998 and has enjoyed countless other competitive successes in World Cups, World Championships and National Championships. This high level of expertise provided by dedicated professionals guarantees you the best possible product support and after sales service.
Performance sails inC belong to the cross-country category. Sharpened for long-distance flights, they are more demanding and are aimed at experienced pilots. They offer excellent glide performance. Their sharp shark nose leading edge allows them to cross variations in the air mass without slowing down, and to have efficient handling and immediate acceleration in accelerated flight. In their quest for performance and to reduce drag, most of them are now 2-line models.

What are the two lines?

Initially, a paraglider resembled a large spider's web: there were 4 rows of lines (in addition to the brake halyards). Some designers began to trim the lines to reduce drag. Then the race for performance gradually led to the elimination of lines... So, after the 3 lines are born 2 lines... This modification is not without consequences: less drag, more performance, but also more demanding. Initially reserved for competition models, this modification will soon be found on virtually all 'performance' paragliders (EN-D). If you already have a C rating, and you often fly accelerated, and feel limited by the performance of your wing, then this type of glider is probably for you. Some C paragliders (with or without 2 lines) are on sale and available for test flights at the paragliding shop of Grands Espaces. This is still the best way to form an opinion. Find out more about 2-line EN C comparison and Robin's impressions.

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