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Progress flight after flight: with the EPSILON DLS you can discover the whole world of paragliding. The 10th generation of this all-round fun glider is now available in a lightweight version in DLS quality. It is just as perfect for cross-country flying as it is for Hike & Fly and travel...

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EPSILON DLS 22 24 26 28 30
Flat surface m2 22 23.7 25.7 27.6 29.6
Projected area m2 18.5 20 21.7 23.3 24.9
Take-off weight kg 55-77 67-90 79-103 91-118 105-135
Ideal weight range kg 60-73 73-86 86-99 99-113 113-130
Wing weight kg 3.65 3.85 4.10 4.35 4.60
Weight of the wing with light risers kg 3.45 3.65 3.90 4.15 4.40
Span m 10.63 11.05 11.50 11.92 12.34
Projected span m 8.23 8.56 8.91 9.23 9.56
Elongation 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14
Projected elongation 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67
Maximum rope m 2.59 2.70 2.81 2.91 3.01
Cells 47 47 47 47 47


Epsilon colours

The EPSILON DLS is a basic intermediate wing, EN/LTF B approved, which fits perfectly between the entry-level ALPHA and the High-B IOTA wing. After training, it is possible - and logical - to switch directly from the ALPHA to the EPSILON without difficulty.

EPSILON pilots already have experience of thermal flying and have a well-honed, active flying style. They can sense collapses as soon as they occur and can deal with them without overreacting.

The EPSILON series has been accompanying pilots on their way up for 30 years and helping them to increase their flying skills. Climb higher, stay in the air longer, fly further: the EPSILON is the wing with which many people leave the family mountain for the first time and tackle long-distance flying.


From feedback from pilots and dealers we know that while they want the lightest possible products, their willingness to forego a certain level of robustness and longevity is less and less. Many people have only become aware of the consequences of ultralight products in their daily use after having flown with them for some time. Without special care, ultralight wings can, for example, show deformations in the airfoil, which have a lasting effect on flight behaviour and performance. The porosity of lightweight wings can also become a problem with intensive use.

That is why we decided, with the DLS, to tackle precisely this problem and to develop a product that meets this broad need. Our many years of experience in developing X-Alps hardware has helped us a lot. Thanks to our own computer-aided analysis, we are now able to analyse very precisely those areas of a glider that are subject to high stress and therefore require special measurements. In this way, we can not only specifically adapt the mixture of light and conventional materials, but also deduce the geometric shapes of certain components such as diagonals, tension bands or cross-ports in the ribs so that they do not deform, even over time and under stress.


No, such a marked weight reduction would not be possible with this measure alone. The 27 g difference in fabric on the bottom surface represents, depending on the size, about 150 g, not even a fifth of the total saving. The EPSILON DLS is up to 850 g lighter than its predecessor when the optional lightweight risers are used.

The sum of many important details places the new EPSILON DLS in the light weight category. Despite this, components that are important to the longevity of the sail, such as the profiles, are made of materials that are particularly resistant to elongation. The lightness of the EPSILON DLS is achieved by an intelligent material mix, fabric savings in low-load areas, perfected diagonal cut-outs and geometrically optimised tension bands.

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The brand ADVANCE has always been synonymous with quality, innovation and attention to detail. As pioneers in the world of paragliding, they have always been in tune with the pilots. With Swiss precision, their glider models meet the highest demands and are refined year after year. Absolute quality and reliability, both in the air and in their services.
The B are the most versatile. A wide range to suit most paragliders! In this category you'll find gliders with more finesse, aimed at both occasional paragliders and experienced cross-country flyers. Even if they are not officially under-classified, they will be called B-, B, or B+, depending on their reactivity.
  • Leasy B paragliders (enB-)They allow you to tackle the first transitions with confidence, and will react more quickly than school sails during pitch, roll and wing manoeuvres.
  • Paragliders in B are available as soon as you have your pilot's licence. The pleasure of gliding is now just a wing's length away :) They help you get a better feel for thermals, and tighten your core so you can fly efficiently from thermal to thermal. Most of them are available in a light version, with thin dyneema risers and lightweight fabric. This considerably reduces storage volume, so they can be slipped into the smallest of rucksacks to suit hike-and-fly paragliding, cross-country flying, or your luggage to accompany your travels!
  • enB+ paragliders are even faster and livelier. Typically cross-country, they are designed for pilots who are already attacking thermals and who have accumulated a good number of flights. The piloting becomes precise and dynamic, the maximum speed high, and you experience a real pleasure of gliding. Their finesse means you can hang up at the best of your transitions... Still enB approved, it is however recommended that you have already completed a pilot training course (SIV) and have compiled 50 hours of flying time per year to be able to use this type of glider. Fans of bivouac flying will also find what they're looking for in this range, as lightweight versions are also available!
As you can see, there's bound to be an enB paraglider to suit you ...

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