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The "Swiss Army knife" paraglider for the daring beginner or occasional pilot.

Light and compact, fun, the BIRDY from Sup air allows you to progress quickly while having fun.
Intended primarily as a first purchase for a pilot coming out of school, its programme is not limited to that.
A high line draw and a performance-oriented design make the Birdy a top class wing.
An intuitive and fun turn will allow the pilot to progress quickly and have fun in the air.

The key word: versatility.

Category : EN-A
Weight: 4.2 kg in M

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Number of cells 44 44 44 44 44
Flat area (m²) 21,25 23,6 26,5 28,3 30,5
Wingspan (m) 10,25 10,81 11,45 11,83 12,28
Rope (m) 2,54 2,68 2,84 2,93 3,05
Flattened elongation 4,95 4,95 4,95 4,95 4,95
Projected area (m²) 18,03 20,2 22,48 24,01 25,88
Projected span (m) 8,11 8,55 9,06 9,36 9,72
Projected elongation 3,68 3,68 3,68 3,68 3,68
Sail weight (kg) 3,30 3,84 4,20 4,40 4,60
Range Total flywheel weight (kg) 50-70 65-85 80-105 90-115 105-130
Approval EN - LTF A EN - LTF A EN - LTF A EN - LTF A EN - LTF A
Number of lifts 3 3 3 3 3

 Steering :

Beginner and leisure pilots
Take-off on foot or by winch

Equipment :

Ergonomic lifts
Sharknose Profile
Nitinol on large openings
Anti-friction rings
Smart mini ribs
Ears kit
Wingtip dumping system
Removable C-pilot kit

Materials :

Topside fabric: Dominico D30 soft, Dominico D20 soft
Underlay fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m² soft

Wall fabrics: MJTec 32 g/m² hard finish, Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m² hard finish
Reinforcement fabric: Porcher Sport

High & intermediate hangers: Edelrid
Bottom hanger: Edelrid


Trek 90/110 bag
Compact Case
Manual (USB key)
Pouch with repair kit



Supair is a pioneering paragliding brand, born in Haute-Savoie in 1979 thanks to the innovative spirit of Pierre Bouilloux and mountain thermals. Its common thread: the pleasure of flying, closeness to paragliders, excellence and teamwork. And they have never lost the thread. SUPAIR harnesses are inscribed in the memory of free flight. Their canopies are instinctive with a reassuring feel. The accessories accompany you in the air. The SUPAIR brand brings together designers, children of flight, and stratospheric imaginations to design outdoor products. Literally. We don't put on airs, we simply look like what we are: an efficient, well-groomed brand that is open to the freedom of the winds. Since the beginnings of paragliding, the brand has remained faithful to the creative and adventurous spirit of the pioneers, to facilitate access to the air for all new paragliders and to imagine new, innovative products and services. Everything had to be invented in the first Supair flights. Everything is still to be invented with each flight in our community.
Your first paraglider is often the one you remember for the rest of your life! We looked at it a lot during our inflation exercises, felt it during our first canopy take-offs, listened to it during our first solo flights... it was a real relationship that was built up... but then... It's the end of the introductory course and you're a pedestrian again. The sky is calling you, and so are your paragliding buddies...  It's high time to get your gear and join the flying world! When you're just starting out, you're not sure which paraglider to choose... Don't panic, we're here to help! Our paragliding school is full of new models, which we update regularly. So you can try before you buy, in flight or in inflation, and benefit from the expert advice of our instructors. If you need to, you can also join our school on a training day, for a stress-free trial. Our demo school fleet helps you make your choice, and can also be adapted to your budget if you opt for a second-hand paraglider. By the way, what is a paragliding "School" wing? The beginner's glider, known as a "training glider", is A-rated. Thanks to its forgiving design, it promises easy take-offs, plenty of time in the air to build up your approaches and landings, rock-solid solidity during inflation exercises, and good stability in the air. So they're not the fastest, but they're the safest way to progress in stages. Thanks to constant improvements by our suppliers, they're even more fun and gliding! You won't be getting rid of them any time soon :)

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