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PHOTON paragliding :: OZONE

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The Photon, Ozone's new performance wing, has taken 2 years to develop. Handling, stability and accessibility in the category were the priorities during development. All of Ozone's expertise in 2-line technology has been integrated into this wing. Its speed and glide are comparable to many gliders in the EN D class.

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PHOTON Ozone Specifications

Number of cells 71 71 71 71 71 71
Projected area (m2) 16.1 17.4 18.9 20.2 21.5 23.1
Flat area (m2) 19.1 20.7 22.3 23.9 25.5 27.3
Projected span (m) 8.7 9.0 9.4 9.7 10.1 10.4
Wingspan flat (m) 11.1 11.6 12.0 12.5 12.9 13.3
Projected elongation 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7
Flattened elongation 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5
Rope 2.17 2.25 2.34 2.43 2.5 2.59
Wing weight 4.28 4.47 4.75 5 5.27 5.55
Total Certified Weight (kg) 60-75 70-85 80-95 90-105 100-115 110-130
EN / LTF * C C C C C

* The weight can vary up to 50 grams for the same size due to variations in the weight of the fabric.

Photon Colour

2-line Sport Class

The Photon gives experienced Sport Class pilots access to a level of performance very close to that of competition wings. This wing is the quintessence of Ozone's expertise in 2-line architecture. This project followed a studious development during which we gave ourselves the means by building numerous prototypes and flying them for hundreds of hours to obtain a performance in flight and out of the flight envelope that allowed us to bring the Photon to a very high level of "Useful Performance" in real cross country conditions. With the Photon we have found the missing link between conventional 3-liners and wings such as the Zeno 2 and Enzo 3.


The Photon has been developed from the Zeno 2 with a slightly lower aspect ratio and number of cells. The profile is slightly more stable and the arch is more pronounced, improving the feel of the wing, while the winglets help to control the effect of the increased arch on roll and spiral stability. This wing is the most accessible 2-line we have ever developed.

Sensations in Flight

In flight, the stability of the profile and the cohesion of the wing along the span and chord give the pilot a solid and compact feeling throughout the speed range. Our work has resulted in a wing that gives a great flying feeling combined with good passive safety and ease of use. The performance level of the wing is immediately apparent - we have never flown an EN C with such a high glide ratio. It is a true 2-line, the pilot can directly control the angle of attack in all flight regimes, which gives experienced pilots extra safety and allows them to increase their average speed in turbulence. The control of the wing at the back is intuitive and gives the pilot confidence, making this wing the ideal first step in converting to this type of flying.


The glide ratio is very similar to that of the Zeno 2 but with a less demanding and more comfortable ride due to the reduced aspect ratio and a more consistent canopy. As far as speed is concerned, the Photon is not only the fastest EN C we have ever made but, beyond the D4, it also outperforms the M7 and the Zeolite, conceding it to the Zeno 2 only by a small margin. Equally important: at these speeds the wing remains solid and comfortable and the winglets stabilise the roll, which improves performance in accelerated flight.

Passive Security

Extensive collapse testing by our own R&D team has shown that the wing easily fits the Sport Class specification, with asymmetric and frontal collapse behaviours similar to those of the Delta 4. We never settle for the calm air tests required by the standard and the Photon was no exception. We have spent hundreds of hours pushing the wing to its limits in real life conditions, not only to confirm its solidity in flight, but also to ensure that it behaves after real collapses to ensure that it is suitable for Sport Class pilots.

The Pilot

The Photon is EN C certified and available in six sizes, it is aimed at experienced pilots who have already flown EN C category wings, with a high level of wing control and recent SIV experience.




Ozone is one of the leading paragliding brands, both in terms of the range of products it offers and in terms of innovation. A rebel spirit, going off the beaten track, Ozone likes to surprise and not let itself be influenced. Its designers go to the end of their ideas....Their competition wings are formidable, the strings harnesses minimalist to the extreme, the ultralight cocoons astonishing, Ozone creates the surprise, and constantly pushes the limits of the possible.
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The C category gliders are now very efficient and allow the pilot who is able to fly it correctly in thermal conditions to perform well in Cross country.

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