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The PROGRESS 3 harness offers maximum versatility in a compact form. Whether it's travel, thermal flights, short Hike & Fly, freestyle manoeuvres or training: with the PROGRESS 3, pilots are perfectly equipped for whatever they want to do. This practical, reversible harness has a removable hybrid cover and thus offers full protection from the start. The 3D development methods used ensure maximum comfort in flight and during transport, as well as a perfectly clean silhouette.

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Driver size cm 155 – 172 165 – 183 178 – 202
Seat width cm
Seat depth cm 35 38 40
Height of anchor points cm ~ 44 ~ 46 ~ 48
Width of waist strap cm ~ 47 ~ 48 ~ 50
Weight of the harness kg 3.3 3.6 3.9
Weight of the protection kg
Backpack volume l 75 80 90
Approval EN 1651 <br> LTF 91/09, 120 kg EN 1651 <br> LTF 91/09, 120 kg EN 1651 <br> LTF 91/09, 120 kg

As versatile as you

The PROGRESS 3 is a fully-fledged paragliding harness including rucksack. With its low weight (from 3.3 kg), it is ideal for anyone who values a small amount of paragliding equipment but does not want to compromise on comfort and protection.

Integral security

The PROGRESS 3 is equipped with a hybrid Air-Foam protector. Thanks to an integrated foam skeleton, as soon as the rucksack is turned into a harness, it automatically fills with air within 60 seconds. The PROGRESS 3 thus offers full protection from the start.

Comfortable - in flight and backpack

The ergonomically shaped shell of the PROGRESS 3 automatically adjusts to the rider's body in flight; reinforced leg straps and a clever lumbar support system also provide comfortable support. On the backpack, comfortable shoulder straps and a mesh back panel ensure great comfort during transport.

What type of rider is the PROGRESS 3 designed for?

This all-in-one harness is aimed at pilots who value a compact, comfortable and lightweight all-in-one harness and do not want to compromise on safety and strength. This versatile harness can be used for training, freestyle, thermal flying, travel and short hike & fly.

What exactly is the advantage of a removable cover?

If the protector is damaged (e.g. by an exceptionally hard impact), only the protector can be replaced and not the whole harness. The same applies to damage to the harness (tear or hole) that reaches the protector. You can have the hole/tear in the harness covered or sewn on and replace the protector separately.
In the event of a planned landing in the water as part of an SIV course (e.g. during a simulated descent under the rescue), the protector can be removed before take-off so as not to increase buoyancy in the water.

Can I also use a footrest with the PROGRESS 3?

Of course! The PROGRESS 3 is available with an optional footrest, which is part of the homologation. It is delivered with the adapted accelerator in a "soft" version.

Is there anything in particular that I should be aware of when handling the PROGRESS 3 protector?

No. The Air-Foam hybrid protector automatically deploys its full protective function within 60 seconds once the rucksack has been turned into a harness. For maximum longevity of the protector, the harness should always be dry when stored and when not in use for a longer period, the glider should be removed from the rucksack.

Delivered in your pack:

Progress Pack

[ Download here the user manual for the Progress 3 Advance in FR ]



The brand ADVANCE has always been synonymous with quality, innovation and attention to detail. As pioneers in the world of paragliding, they have always been in tune with the pilots. With Swiss precision, their glider models meet the highest demands and are refined year after year. Absolute quality and reliability, both in the air and in their services.
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A reversible paragliding harness, c'is a harness with a planchette or leg straps, which, as its name suggests, can easily be turned over to become a rucksack and hold all your paragliding equipment. This harness was originally designed for paragliding. walking and flyingalso known as hike and flyBut it's also great for travelling, thanks to its low volume!

What are the advantages of reversible harnesses?

Thanks to their modularity, you benefit from versatile equipment with a high load capacity and minimal weight, without risking your safety. Whether for travel, high altitudes, the mountains or just for their compactness, more and more paragliders are winning over ...

Reversible harness with thigh strap VS reversible harness with tray:

  • The reversible harness with leg straps will be lighterThe backrest will be slightly less padded and the straps thinner. The backrest will be slightly less padded, the straps thinner, and the reversible bag will have less volume than a reversible harness with a tray. To gain in versatility and weight, theairbag is often removable. This feature makes the harness even lighter, because once removed you have an ultra-light mountain paragliding harness in your hands :) The majority of reversible harnesses with leg straps allow you to put on your paraglider with your harness on.installation of the rescue parachute directly under the seatto guarantee permanent protection. This is housed in the airbag module. When it comes to flying, this harness really is one with the pilot. The flexible leg straps and lightweight backrest enclose you perfectly, providing real comfort when flying in calm conditions. It's your whole body that accompanies you as you lean into the harness, making it fluid and supple. The limits of comfort will be reached on longer flights, when the thermals kick in and you'll need to fly more straightforwardly. This is a light, flexible product, perfect for your mountain and high mountain flights.
  • The reversible tray-type harness is not as light as a leg harness, but it offers more than versatility. Its rucksack has a volume of ample storage spaceWith an average capacity of between 70 and 90 litres, you can fit a standard paraglider inside. So there's no need to go completely light to enjoy the pleasures of cross-country flying. Protection airbag is fixedThis is where your rescue parachute comes in, whether round or square. Often more enveloping and padded, comfort is improved, both in terms of duration of flight and in terms of piloting, where the support will be clearer and more marked. The reversible tray harness is therefore more suitable for travel, mid-mountain flying and site flying; you'll still enjoy flying in all conditions.

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