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Range X-Alps 3 Harness :: SKYWALK

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An ergonomic, comfortable and lightweight Cocoon harness
The new version of the most famous ultra-light cocoon harness in its category has finally arrived! The Skywalk Range X-Alps 3 retains the DNA of previous versions while introducing new innovations and accessories. Skywalk's research and development team have taken care not to sacrifice comfort for lightness and compactness, making the Range X-Alps 3 the ideal ultra-light cocoon harness for passionate paragliding competitors. This new version is particularly well suited to competition paragliding.

Sizes: S / M / L

Weight (Kg) : 1.95 / 2.05 / 2.10

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Size S M L
Driver height (cm) 160 – 176 173 – 184 183 – 200
Weight of the harness (kg) 1.95 2.05 2.10
Maximum load (kg) 120 120 120
Saddle certification EN1651/2018 EN1651/2018 EN1651/2018
Certification of main protection LTF NfL 2-565-20 LTF NfL 2-565-20 LTF NfL 2-565-20
Rescue container volume (cm³) 4300 cc 4300 cc 4300 cc

Lightweight. Compact. Innovative.
The RANGE X-ALPS embodies the class of ultra-light cocoon harnesses - a class that combines features that are almost impossible to combine. With the help of our X-Alps athletes and the feedback from pilots convinced by the RANGE X-ALPS2, we have succeeded with the RANGE X-ALPS3 in perfecting its coveted previous version.

The RANGE X-ALPS3 has been designed primarily for cross-country pilots looking for optimised weight in a compact package. To achieve this, the geometry and seat shell have been designed for great flying comfort, which can be enhanced by a number of features. The harness can be used in either the reclined or upright position. The adjustment can be easily adapted to suit the flying conditions. So you can feel safe even in turbulent conditions, when you can quickly straighten up and adopt a compact position.

The aerodynamic silhouette allows you to remain powerful and efficient during long flights and glides. The longitudinal stability of the harness can be increased using stabilisers. This feature is a useful tool, particularly for high-performance pilots, for keeping on course with maximum efficiency.

Perm Air

Your RANGE X-ALPS3 harness comes with :

  • Certified harness EN 1651/2018 and LTF 91/09
  • Inflator bag
  • PERMAIR protection
  • PERMAIR mouthpiece
  • 2x Edelrid Foras carabiners
  • Emergency handle
  • Carbon footboard
  • 2-bar carbon accelerator


  • Permair pump
  • Desk



Skywalk was founded in 2001 in Germany by a group of passionate friends. They make innovative harnesses and canopies, and above all, very high performance!
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There's one question in every paraglider's life: switching to a cocoon harness. The cocoon harness is the ultimate in comfort The coverleg is designed to provide total support, encompassing the entire body and reducing pressure points, as well as support for the legs, which gives the pilot rest and allows you to fly faster for longer, and effective protection against the cold, thanks to the coverleg.

Cocoon or not cocoon?

You're ready to take the plunge if : You are comfortable with the semi-recumbent position, which will require you to position your whole body differently when leaning on the harness. Yaw movements will have to be approached differently. Your pelvis is a little higher, and with it your centre of gravity, so instability will be a little more pronounced than in a sports harness. However, the leg straps help to reduce this effect. You're ready to bend your legs as soon as an unfamiliar sensation arrives. Cocoon harnesses are no longer just for paragliding competitors. Their comfort has seduced adventurers and they are becoming lighter to accompany your bivouac flights... We have a whole range of cocoon harnesses for you to try out. Here you'll find your first cocoon, stable and without too many adjustments, or light and with leg straps for mountain take-offs, with a large storage volume for the bivouac or a beautiful foiler for optimised aerodynamics... Come and try it out!

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