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A lightweight hiking backpack with exceptional carrying comfort and ultra-abrasion resistant thanks to a unique Dyneema fabric developed by NEO.
Designed for long-distance hiking, it is completely forgettable...

Available in several sizes:
- 30L (430g)
- 50L (685g)
- 70L (730g)
- 90L (750g)

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The NEO Lite Bag offers a exceptional weight/ergonomics/durability ratio thanks to its highly abrasion-resistant NEO Dyneema fabric, which makes this product incomparable. This exclusive fabric has been specifically developed by NEO and its technical fabric manufacturer to gain weight and durability.

Ultra-light bag with full-base NEO load system: with shoulder straps connected to the bag's load system rather than being attached to the base of the back like conventional systems.
The ergonomic back and waistband have been designed for long-duration carrying.
Depending on the volume, the bag offers classic ergonomic shoulder straps or Trail straps, all with bottle holders.


  • ice axe holder (except 30L.)
  • stick holders
  • top handle between the shoulders (except 30L.)
  • large front pocket
  • side Lycra pocket on each side
  • internal sail compression system
  • external side compression straps on the 90L.
  • 2 water bottle holders: one on each shoulder
  • 30, 50 and 70L. Trail type multi-pocket shoulder straps
  • 90L. ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Machine washable at 30°.

Volume 30L. Mini sail, ultralight or single surface sail, speedflying, speedriding + String
Volume 50L. : ultra-light mountain or intermediate sail + String + Cover Leg + rescue
Volume 70L. Intermediate light or ultralight performance sail + Stay Up cocoon + rescue
Volume 90L. Light or normal canopy + Stay Up harness or cocoon + rescue + bivouac



Neo is a young brand in paragliding, which has been able to climb the ladder quickly thanks to the experience of Eric Roussel and the care taken in the manufacture of its products. Each harness is thought out and tested for several years before arriving on the market. A 100% French brand, since the workshop is in Haute-Savoie!
The main function of the carrier bag is to carry all your paragliding equipment on your back when you are not flying. Of course, it should contain not only the paraglider, but also the harness, helmet, possibly gloves, radio and flight instruments. There are a few criteria to consider when buying a rucksack. The first criterion is the total volume of the rucksack. This is commonly referred to as the bag volume and is measured in litres (L). In fact, you have to bring a more or less folded paraglider, and any other equipment. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a bag capacity that corresponds to your wing size. The 50L bag easily accommodates a single or light glider, while the 90L bag is suitable for gliders with a large surface area. At Grands Espaces we encourage you to bring your equipment and test the bag capacity against your packing and equipment when choosing between our different carry bags. Another important criterion is the carrying comfort of the carry bag. During approach walks, you have to carry your bag on your back, which can take tens of minutes. The equipment can weigh up to 10 kilograms or more and, if not properly cared for, it can injure your shoulders and back. This is why the paraglider carry bag is equipped with adjustable and reinforced shoulder straps. Finally, paragliding requires many small accessories such as flight instruments, radios, belt cutters, water bottles, etc. To avoid stuffing all your equipment into the main bag and wasting precious time, the pack includes easy-to-reach and practical storage pockets to optimise storage and even spread the load. A few years ago, when you bought a new paraglider, it came with a paraglider bag. Nowadays, only a few brands offer an included carry bag. The wing comes with a compression bag instead. That's why Our Paragliding Shop strives to offer all these paragliding bags at the best prices. Find out more about our carrier bags:

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