An extension of the Kryuer III harness, the removable airbag allows you to have a complete equipment for rando flights.

2 Sizes :
- S: for Kruyer III S / M
- L: for Kruyer III M / L / XL
Volume: 70L
Weight: 1kg

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The Sak III is the new reversible bag from Kortel Design. It is compatible with the Kruyer III only.

Its volume has been increased compared to version 2, for use with standard site sails. As with version 2, its installation on the Kruyer III provides better lumbar support with the associated adjustment. This support also improves the support of the harness during turns. The airbag function still provides additional passive safety.


To be downloaded:

[Quick Guide to Presentation].
[Sak3 French manual].



Kortel Design is a French brand, born at the foot of Mont Blanc in the late 1990s. Denis Cortella, a demanding pilot, decided to design and manufacture the product of his dreams himself. The living room of the flat became the gathering point for all his friends who came to discuss, lend a hand and place an order for their future harness. Over the years, Kortel Design has become a well-known company on the paragliding market, thanks to its technical know-how and its ability to surprise.
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Some paraglider harnesses offer removable modules to better adapt to your needs, without necessarily having a harness for every activity. So you can add a coverleg to certain sport harnesses to transform them into cocoon harnesses and allow you to fly more comfortably. This feature allows them to adapt better to the size of your legs. In the mountains backpacks can also be attached to your string harness to make a reversible harness with the carrying comfort of a real hiking bag. Visit airbag protection or foam of your paragliding harness are also safety factors that should not be overlooked! Whether you've bought a mountain harness without airbag protection, or you've blown the bumpair foam on your school harness, no problem: these parts are interchangeable! While it's easy to do on a mountain harness, you'll need a bit of patience and a lot of perseverance to replace your foam bag (or bump'air) in your sport harness... :) But it can be done. Protective modules for harnesses must comply with the PPE standard, and are therefore subject to strict European regulations. If you notice any deformation of your airbag, consult your dealer or an inspection body, as this could alter its function.

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