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The HIKE2 rucksack, developed in cooperation with Salewa's mountaineering experts, offers the best to follow you on all your adventures. Extremely comfortable to carry, its features are perfectly adapted to the requirements of Hike&Fly paragliders and ensure optimal carrying.

The HIKE2 is available in three sizes, each individually designed for its intended use.

from 600g to 900g

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Size 35 55 75
Weight (g) 660 840 900
Volume (l) 35 55 75
Weight of helmet carrier (g) 40 40 40

What makes a rucksack the perfect backpack for paragliding?
What else makes it the perfect backpack for climbing, hiking or expeditions?
The HIKE2, developed in cooperation with Salewa's mountaineering experts, offers the best of both worlds.

The HIKE2 is available in three sizes, each individually designed for its intended use. The three HIKE2s differ not only in volume and shape, but also in features. The HIKE35 is designed for mountaineers and pilots who travel with minimal equipment. The HIKE55 is for Hike&Fly enthusiasts and the HIKE75 is perfectly designed for pilots looking for a bivouac escape.

What all three HIKE models have in common is an extraordinarily high level of comfort. This is ensured by a compact design that moulds perfectly to the body. Thanks to Load Control, you can adjust the centre of gravity to suit your individual needs. The Salewa DRY BACK® system with EVA padding and 3D channel ventilation reduces the surface area in contact with the body, keeping your back dry. The split shoulder straps increase mobility, especially on technical terrain, so you can reach the summit more efficiently and more relaxed.

Elastic loops allow trekking poles to be attached to the outside of the rucksack, increasing your security. Additional equipment can be attached for longer Hike&Fly adventures. Features common to all three HIKE variants include a helmet net, a valuables pocket, a compression strap that holds your paraglider in the rucksack, a removable mobile phone holder on the shoulder strap and two elastic mesh pockets that provide ample space for water bottles, provisions and a change of clothes. Designed with mountaineers in mind, the HIKE35 also boasts a ski rack and two 'gear loops' on the hip belt for climbing gear such as quickdraws and carabiners.

Features at a glance :

  • Daisy Chain
  • Helmet net
  • Fixing the poles
  • Salewa DRY BACK® carrying system with EVA padding and 3D ventilation channels
  • Split shoulder straps
  • Velcro mobile phone holder
  • Load control strap
  • Cover pocket
  • Attachment strap for paragliders
  • Elasticated outside pockets
  • Ski mount (HIKE35 only)
  • Belt-mounted equipment holder (HIKE35 only)
  • Hip pocket (HIKE55 and HIKE75 only)
  • Sternum strap



Skywalk was founded in 2001 in Germany by a group of passionate friends. They make innovative harnesses and canopies, and above all, very high performance!
The main function of the carrier bag is to carry all your paragliding equipment on your back when you are not flying. Of course, it should contain not only the paraglider, but also the harness, helmet, possibly gloves, radio and flight instruments. There are a few criteria to consider when buying a rucksack. The first criterion is the total volume of the rucksack. This is commonly referred to as the bag volume and is measured in litres (L). In fact, you have to bring a more or less folded paraglider, and any other equipment. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a bag capacity that corresponds to your wing size. The 50L bag easily accommodates a single or light glider, while the 90L bag is suitable for gliders with a large surface area. At Grands Espaces we encourage you to bring your equipment and test the bag capacity against your packing and equipment when choosing between our different carry bags. Another important criterion is the carrying comfort of the carry bag. During approach walks, you have to carry your bag on your back, which can take tens of minutes. The equipment can weigh up to 10 kilograms or more and, if not properly cared for, it can injure your shoulders and back. This is why the paraglider carry bag is equipped with adjustable and reinforced shoulder straps. Finally, paragliding requires many small accessories such as flight instruments, radios, belt cutters, water bottles, etc. To avoid stuffing all your equipment into the main bag and wasting precious time, the pack includes easy-to-reach and practical storage pockets to optimise storage and even spread the load. A few years ago, when you bought a new paraglider, it came with a paraglider bag. Nowadays, only a few brands offer an included carry bag. The wing comes with a compression bag instead. That's why Our Paragliding Shop strives to offer all these paragliding bags at the best prices. Find out more about our carrier bags:

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