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The SKYWALK Sleeve harness is so small and compact that you can easily stow it in your jacket pocket! At just 250g, it's one of the lightest approved harnesses. The deliberate decision not to use stiffening elements ensures that the harness adapts perfectly to your body shape.

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Size Unisize
Pilot height (cm) 160 – 195
Packing volume (l) 0.7
Weight harness (g) 195
Weight carabiner (g) 75
Certification EN 1651:2018
Maximum load (kg) 110

SKYWALK Sleeve: adventure at your fingertips :

The SKYWALK Sleeve ultralight harness has been specially developed for trail runners, climbers, ski mountaineers, bike packers and all ambitious mountaineers who don't want to compromise on weight and bulk. The purist, ultra-light harness weighs just 240 grams, slips easily into your jacket pocket and is approved for a take-off weight of up to 110 kilograms.

The minimalist design of the seatless harness makes it extremely intuitive to use.

The Sleeve in a nutshell:

  • Minimalist
  • Ultra-light and ultra-compact
  • Intuitive

An ultra-light harness in one size:

By deliberately avoiding additional stiffening elements, the harness 'floats' - similar to the principle of a hammock - and adapts to the pilot's morphology. This means that a large pilot area can be covered with just one size.

The Sleeve in flight:
The Sleeve is a classic loop harness with a high suspension by design. The result is greater roll stability and cushioned flight behaviour in turbulence. Especially with very small wings, this behaviour is very pleasant.

Is the Sleeve suitable for winching?
The Sleeve is not recommended as a harness for winch towing.

Try the SKYWALK Sleeve in tandem flight
The Sleeve is suitable as a lightweight harness for Hike&Fly tandem passengers. However, the tandem pilot responsible must always bear in mind the increased risk of wear and tear to the equipment in the event of intensive use.



Skywalk was founded in 2001 in Germany by a group of passionate friends. They make innovative harnesses and canopies, and above all, very high performance!
The light harness par excellence, the one that lets you swallow the difference in altitude and reach the summits, the thong is the benchmark harness for all mountain lovers. This harness with waders slips into the bottom of the bag to take up minimal space and weigh less. Who flies in a thong? Sought after for its great lightness (with a record weight of 99g for Ozone's F*light!!), the string harness is mainly used by paragliding enthusiasts. hiking flights paragliding, the daring high-mountain pilots who practice the paralpinismIt can also be used for tandem paragliding, thanks to its compact size! Its 2 independent pulleys mean that some of the harnesses can also be used for ski flying. Speedriding and speedflying appreciate the freedom of movement provided by this type of harness. How to choose your thong? All Strings are flexible harnessesWithout a chainring, with few adjustments. They are minimalist, but with so many people practising them, they specialise and accessorise. Depending on your paragliding style, you'll be able to find the one that's right for you: - the simple thong: these waders, commonly known asStrings"are the essence of a harness: they're what's left when you've taken everything off. A harness-type design with thin straps, two padded seats, a minimalist chest strap and few adjustments, they offer the sensation of flying in total freedom... The reserve parachute is positioned ventrally, in a dedicated pocket, and is connected either to the main carabiners or to the shoulders, depending on the model. A light speed system can be fitted using ceramic rings or small pulleys. The adjustments are more or less elaborate, as these are mainly flights in a seated position. - Reversible harnesses: Most harnesses with leg straps can now be combined with a rucksack, when it is not sewn in as standard, to become a "reversible" harness. reversible harness for excellent carrying capacity and even greater compactness for your trekking equipment. With a flick of the wrist, the bag turns over and releases the leg straps from your harness. With capacities ranging from 50l to 70l, they can accommodate both light gliders and standard-size paragliders, giving you even greater access to rando flying. - airbags: almost all thongs can now be combined with an airbag. subcutaneous airbageasily removableIt also doubles as a container pocket for your reserve parachute. So you can prolong the pleasure and fly your paraglider in complete safety. - cocoons: Some string harnesses offer a removable coverleg, allowing bivouac flights or long-distance flights. In these cases, a reserve chest strap is recommended. - Speedriding: The freedom of movement provided by independent rudders is perfectly suited to ski flying. Waders should be more padded and thicker fabric should be used to resist repeated rubbing. There's also a small zipped pocket for a quick-fit bag to stow your paraglider in during the ascent. More plush than a high-altitude string harness, it will be comfortable and offer several adjustments. The STRING harness has gone beyond its primary function to become a real Swiss Army knife for paragliders who love the mountains and long flights of fancy. These are intelligent harnesses that can be adapted to suit your needs. Come and try it out! We're extremely lucky to be located opposite our favourite playground: the mountains... Come and see us in the shop, where a wide range of ultra-light harnesses awaits you! And once you've made your choice on the gantry, head straight out to try it out in real life - it's only a 40-minute walk from the Planfait showground... :)

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