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Paragliding SONATA 2 from PHI is a perfect balance! It is not just the little sister of the SYMPHONIA 2; thanks to the higher level of safety achieved, it can support a very wide weight range to give pilots and schools alike more options. The fully sheathed line is easier for beginners. And the take-off behaviour and roll stability are really excellent: the MUST for a modern glider in this category.

Feedback on the SONATA 2 in real-life training situations confirms that PHI has achieved its goal: the inflation is very easy, the wing is calm in roll and, even better, the performance stands out from all the others. It is said to be in the mid-high end of the enA range.

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SONATA 2 technical data

size 18 20 22 24 26
number of cells 40 40 40 40 40
projected span m 8,08 8,48 9,01 9,38 9,79
projected area 18,55 20,5 22,71 24,64 26,81
projected aspect ratio 3,52 3,51 3,57 3,57 3,57
flat span m 10,05 10,57 11,1 11,56 12,05
flat area 21,43 23,71 26,1 28,32 30,81
flat aspect ratio 4,72 4,72 4,72 4,72 4,72
line length m 6,11 6,42 6,74 7,05 7,32
maximum chord m 2,65 2,79 2,93 3,05 3,18
minimum chord m 0,63 0,66 0,7 0,73 0,76
weight kg 4 4,35 4,75 5,05 5,35
standard weight range kg 55-75 65-85 75-95 90-110 105-130
extended weight range kg 75-85 85-95 95-110 110-125 130-145
certification (EN/LTF) A A A A A
ext. weight range motor kg 55-130 65-130 75-150 90-150 105-150
DGAC certification i.A. i.A. i.A. i.A. i.A.
material Porcher Skytex 38, Easyfly
risers R10 (3+1)
riser length mm 500 500 540 540 540
speedway mm 150 150 150 175 175


The SONATA 2 is equipped with R10 semi-lightweight lifts.
As with all PHI's it is possible to have other riser versions at no cost when ordering.

Sonata 2 Colors

a word from the designer

Improving a category A core wing is not an easy task. Structural consistency is a real challenge. It is impossible to arch the canopy any more as this leads to too much roll. So we had to work on both the interior of the canopy and the angular positioning of the lines. Compared to the first generation SONATA, the SONATA 2 has 3 main lines and many internal diagonals. A great complexity while cost is essential in this category of "school wings". But the result of our efforts is that it is not only a "school wing". The SONATA 2 has superb handling and class-leading performance, which will delight improving pilots long after their first flights on the training hill.. "

Hannes Papesh

SONATA 2 : the test

As always, our test pilots push the SONATA 2 to its limits. It pays off: SIV instructors approve of our gliders because of their good behaviour in extreme manoeuvres. It's the same with the SONATA 2, it's a pleasure to test it: it's totally harmless in its reactions!

What are the differences between the Sonata 1 and Sonata 2?

The number of cells (40) and the flat aspect ratio remain the same. The flat surface is the same but the sail is less vaulted: the projected area is larger. We have kept the size numbers of the first generation to keep the reference points, although for example the Sonata 2 24 is slightly larger than 24 m2 projected: 24.64 m2.
What allows less vaulting is the more complex internal structure (many more diagonals) and the number of main lines increased from 2 to 3. We have changed the material of the bottom lines from PPSL 275 Liros to the brand new PPSLS 180 (SK99). This flattened canopy improves roll damping.
The fabric has been changed from Dominico 40 to Skytex 38 / Easyfly.
The shape of the air intakes and profiles has changed, as have the new leading edge beads. This improves the inflation even more.
The risers are modernised, lighter and are all marked.

Can the Sonata 2 be used in an introductory course?

Yes: while offering a very high level of performance and superb handling, the SONATA 2 has been designed for use from the very first flights on the training hill for classic students. For trainees with a little less subtlety, we can recommend the FANTASIA or the SOLA.



Phi is the paragliding brand created by Hanness Papesh, and carried by a whole team of enthusiasts. Phi has made its mark in the paragliding world with wings that are accessible, fun and built to last. Phi focuses on the quality of its wings but also pushes the reflection to deliver us perfectly accomplished wings, as well in the choice of materials as in their extraordinary performing profile. A must try!
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Your first paraglider is often the one you remember for the rest of your life! We looked at it a lot during our inflation exercises, felt it during our first canopy take-offs, listened to it during our first solo flights... it was a real relationship that was built up... but then... It's the end of the introductory course and you're a pedestrian again. The sky is calling you, and so are your paragliding buddies...  It's high time to get your gear and join the flying world! When you're just starting out, you're not sure which paraglider to choose... Don't panic, we're here to help! Our paragliding school is full of new models, which we update regularly. So you can try before you buy, in flight or in inflation, and benefit from the expert advice of our instructors. If you need to, you can also join our school on a training day, for a stress-free trial. Our demo school fleet helps you make your choice, and can also be adapted to your budget if you opt for a second-hand paraglider. By the way, what is a paragliding "School" wing? The beginner's glider, known as a "training glider", is A-rated. Thanks to its forgiving design, it promises easy take-offs, plenty of time in the air to build up your approaches and landings, rock-solid solidity during inflation exercises, and good stability in the air. So they're not the fastest, but they're the safest way to progress in stages. Thanks to constant improvements by our suppliers, they're even more fun and gliding! You won't be getting rid of them any time soon :)

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