Developed for paragliding by AustriAlpin, this automatic carabiner with the exclusive Autolock system to limit aluminium fatigue is intended for harnesses built with 20-30 mm webbing and risers of the same size.

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Symmetrical carabiner that fits perfectly with a 20-30mm single point harness for 20-30mm risers.

In-line support for 30mm straps. Rectangular geometry prevents link rotation. Forged on an 8mm aluminium cylindrical base. Large opening to facilitate the passage of risers. Autolock system limits aluminium fatigue.

Sold individually

Strength: 18 kN

To be replaced every 5 years



58 g

AustriAlpin Austria



Neo is a young brand in paragliding, which has been able to climb the ladder quickly thanks to the experience of Eric Roussel and the care taken in the manufacture of its products. Each harness is thought out and tested for several years before arriving on the market. A 100% French brand, since the workshop is in Haute-Savoie!
Your harness is delivered with suitable carabiners, but we recommend changing them every 5 years. The width of their base is adapted to the width of your straps, which is why you'll find a multitude of carabiners in various shapes and sizes in this hardware section. Tandem or acro harnesses will be fitted with steel carabiners to cope with the heavy loads and pressures exerted. To be effective, the pull must be exerted vertically; if your carabiner gets in the way: watch out! If your carabiner is crooked: watch out! It means it's not suitable, and this inadequate force will weaken it. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts, because we know our products inside out :). The lights harnesses can do without metal and use connectors, small dyneema straps that are much lighter and surprisingly stronger than steel! There's only the psychological barrier to overcome...

Should carabiners be lubricated?

Paragliding carabiners are lubricated with silicone when fitted. This is no longer necessary, except in the event of sand or other contamination. If this happens, wash with detergent, rinse, dry and lubricate with a fluid oil (as for mountaineering carabiners), but do not use grease! Regularly check that your carabiners are working properly!

How long does a carabiner last?

Unlike carabiners used in mountaineering, paragliding carabiners are not subject to impact. We still recommend replacing them every 5 years or as soon as they have difficulty closing.

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