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NEO has worked for 3 years to improve its top-of-the-range cross-country cocoon. The Suspender 2.0 is designed for distance riders who ride regularly, but also for riders new to cross-country. Very comfortable in the 'sofa' sense of the word, it is also very comfortable in the air.

A host of innovations and accessories ensure maximum rider safety.
Production of 100 % in France, in the NEO workshop on the shores of Lake Annecy, guarantees an exceptional level of finish.

It's also the first cocoon harness to feature the patented Neo stand-up system, a revolutionary rescue extraction system that allows the pilot to stand up and land either sitting or standing, and to turn when the parachute is deployed.


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  • TYPE : Semi-lightweight cross-country paragliding cocoon
  • CONCEPT : 3D bucket concept, incorporating NEO-Koroyd protection for greater comfort, rigidity, cornering carve and performance.
  • WEIGHT: 4.65 kg (size M). Includes: 3 auto muskets, rescue handle, protection, rescue halyards.
  • GEOMETRY: Classic ABS 2 buckles; Get-Up anti-loss feature
  • SIZES : XS - S - M - L - XL
  • MAIN MATERIALS: Polyester / Polyamid fabric and Dyneema straps, Mesh3D polyester, Lycra/Filet stretch sandwich, Hypalon, Removable carbon foot plate.
  • PROTECTION: NEO Koroyd technology: 8 cm thick, 300 g, EN/LTF/CE certified at 30.8 g
    - Main attachment points: NEO-AustriAlpin Rocket automatic (64 g)
    - Stand-Up Rescue System: Edelrid Kiwi automatic slider
  • ACCELERATOR: 3-bar accelerator with ALLEN Rea 40 Auto-Ratchet pulleys as standard.
  • Buckles: Automatic: AustriAlpin Cobra - settings: NEO 20 mm Aluminium
  • RESCUE: Backpack, patented STAND-UP system
  • OPTIONS: Classic 110 L carry bag, 5 L ballast holder, 4 cm footpad

Size Guide Suspendre2 Neo


Basic work is carried out on geometry and seating,

In keeping with our philosophy:

"A harness must first fly well, a bag must carry well".

For Suspender 2.0, this work focused on the following areas:
- the choice and precise adjustment of a 'classic' ABS: the Suspender flies with elongated canopies that require this type of ABS (Anti Balance System) for precise piloting in thermals and transitions on rails.
- a superior ABS to moderate oblique attacks in thermals and muffle the "racket blows" of the wingtips.
- the roll axis is easily managed: precise adjustment of the ventral spacing.

Neo Suspender 2 harness geometry

The adjustment of the chest strap (between 42 and 49 cm) has a huge influence on roll management.

Two NEO claws provide a reference point; stacked one on top of the other, they indicate a distance of 45 cm.

Neo Suspender 2 harness buckles



- the perfect positioning of the centre of gravity: this is the basis of the design of any harness, for balance and stability.

- perfect longitudinal balance for yaw management.

- the perfect overall balance to find the right compromise between stability/feedback from the air mass/triggering and cornering.

- the geometry remains fully active whatever the accelerated flight speed.

Neo Suspender 2 harness construction


STAND UP RESCUE NEO: Presentation of a completely innovative system


2018 : NEO has created a new type of cocoon, the Suspender: a bucket seat that is light, stable, easy to handle, precise, comfortable and accessible.
The Suspender's geometry has become a benchmark.

2023 : Version 2.0 is now available. Based on the same principles, NEO has worked for 3 years to improve its top-of-the-range cross-country cocoon.
The Suspender 2.0 is designed for both regular distance riders and riders new to cross-country.
Very comfortable in the 'sofa' sense of the term, it is also very comfortable in the air: it is very accessible for pilots who have never flown in a cocoon.
A host of technological innovations and accessories ensure maximum rider safety.
100 % are produced in France, in the NEO workshop on the shores of Lake Annecy, guaranteeing an exceptional level of finish, durability and efficient after-sales service.



Neo is a young brand in paragliding, which has been able to climb the ladder quickly thanks to the experience of Eric Roussel and the care taken in the manufacture of its products. Each harness is thought out and tested for several years before arriving on the market. A 100% French brand, since the workshop is in Haute-Savoie!
There's one question in every paraglider's life: switching to a cocoon harness. The cocoon harness is the ultimate in comfort The coverleg is designed to provide total support, encompassing the entire body and reducing pressure points, as well as support for the legs, which gives the pilot rest and allows you to fly faster for longer, and effective protection against the cold, thanks to the coverleg.

Cocoon or not cocoon?

You're ready to take the plunge if : You are comfortable with the semi-recumbent position, which will require you to position your whole body differently when leaning on the harness. Yaw movements will have to be approached differently. Your pelvis is a little higher, and with it your centre of gravity, so instability will be a little more pronounced than in a sports harness. However, the leg straps help to reduce this effect. You're ready to bend your legs as soon as an unfamiliar sensation arrives. Cocoon harnesses are no longer just for paragliding competitors. Their comfort has seduced adventurers and they are becoming lighter to accompany your bivouac flights... We have a whole range of cocoon harnesses for you to try out. Here you'll find your first cocoon, stable and without too many adjustments, or light and with leg straps for mountain take-offs, with a large storage volume for the bivouac or a beautiful foiler for optimised aerodynamics... Come and try it out!

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