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The SYS'Alti V3 is the lightest alti-vario with G-meter on the market!
Ideal for beginners. Practical, its attachment to the risers allows you to have all your flight information at a glance.

The velcro positioning of the display is adapted to your equipment: on a cockpit, on the riser or on the wrist. The position on the riser improves its ergonomics, you can handle it safely without letting go of the controls and the information is visible without taking your eyes off your course.

The Sys'alti V3 is the ideal instrument for pilots who want to equip themselves with an accessible, simple, high-performance and upgradeable flight instrument.

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The Sys'alti V3 is part of the latest range of extra-light flight instruments from Syride, it has all the functions expected of a vario alti at a very attractive price.
Featuring a high-resolution pressure sensor from STMicroelectronics, the Sys'alti will accurately indicate your altitude and vertical speed on its large backlit display and with a beeping sound.

The altimeter is set in a few seconds, and you will obtain a lot of information to optimise your flight: altitude, vertical speed, gain since take-off, flight time, average vario... The display layout (size and position of the information) is infinitely configurable according to your needs thanks to the SSC software: Syride Screen Configuration.

Technical characteristics :

Function: Alti-Vario with G-meter
Size: 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm
Weight: 75 g including battery
Climb threshold setting: from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s
Lowering threshold setting: from -0.5m/s to -5.5m/s
Zeroing: can be activated from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
Backlit display: 100% configurable
Volume: 3 levels and 'OFF' position
Autonomy: > 200h
Memory: 150 hours of flight time
Flight log: included
Lifter attachment: included
Cockpit fastening: by velcro (included)
USB cable: included

> SYS'ALTI V3 Manual

> Configuring your SYRIDE screen




Syride develops a whole range of varios and GPS for French free flight: precise, efficient and light, they have seduced most paragliders! SYRIDE started out as a surfer's equipment, which explains the wave on the logo - Syride comes from the contraction of "Share Your RIDE". The instrument gave information on height, speed. Their product was also of interest to kitesurfers to know the height of jumps. Given the similarity of the information (speed, height, distance...), the small team turned to the paragliding market and proposed a product that did not yet exist: the vario on the riser, the SYS'Ky. Now based in the Chartreuse region of France, this young and friendly family business also makes it a point of honour to reduce its ecological footprint.
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