Syride offers a new and improved version of its Sys'Nav. Combining practicality and lightness, the Sys'Nav XL is a connected device with multiple possibilities. It includes the usual Alti-Vario-GPS but also integrates live and bluetooth technology. All this for a reduced weight of only 85 g.
And still 100% French 🙂

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Sys'Nav XL: The revolution

Syride has gone all out with its new navigation tool. At the cutting edge of technology, it offers a connectivity and practicality unknown until now. The Sys'Nav XL retains the features for which it is renowned and makes technical adjustments.

The most complete

The Sys'Nav XL of course retains the indispensable Alti Vario GPS, always appreciated and expected by pilots. It also incorporates world airspace and world topography. Ideal for planning your flights on the other side of the world.

A connected instrument:

It features reliable live tracking with flight dispatch upon landing. Coupled with weather beacons, it allows you to forecast and adjust your routes live. In addition, the link to third party applications is simple.

Bluetooth innovation

Already present on the Sys Evolution, the Sys'Nav XL will allow you to be present in Live tracking on the Syride website via this link. A second new feature will be the possibility to scan your routes and navigations thanks to a simple QR Code scan. You will also be able to connect to sites such as XCTrack or FlySkyHy.
Wired connection

Another development with this Syride product is the USB C type cable connection. Known for its practicality and popularity in the tech world, you can use this cable for your phone and any other instrument subject to compatibility.

The Sys'Nav XL is more accessible and practical than ever. You can adjust its position on the risers to your liking. In addition, the brightness has been increased to allow you to read the data even in direct sunlight. Fully configurable, make the Sys'Nav XL your personalised online logbook. The customisation tool is available here. Finally, the automatic screen change allows you to keep an eye on all the necessary information in any situation.


The new Sys'Nav XL battery will be larger than the one on the classic Sys'Nav. 850mAh compared to 600mAh for the classic Nav

Technical characteristics :

Function: Alti-Vario-GPS with G-meter
Size: 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm
Weight: 90 g including battery
Climb threshold setting: from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s
Lowering threshold setting: from -0.5m/s to -5.5m/s
Zeroing: can be activated from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
Height from ground : Worldwide
Backlit display: 100% configurable
Volume: 3 levels and 'OFF' position
Autonomy: 45h
Memory: 1500h flight time @ 1 point per second
Airspace : Mondial
Waypoints: 25,000
Routes: 150 routes of up to 150 points
Flight files: IGC, GPX and KML
Flight log: included
Lifter attachment: included
Cockpit fastening: by velcro (included)
USB cable: included

> SYS'NAV XL Manual

> Configuring your SYRIDE screen




Syride develops a whole range of varios and GPS for French free flight: precise, efficient and light, they have seduced most paragliders! SYRIDE started out as a surfer's equipment, which explains the wave on the logo - Syride comes from the contraction of "Share Your RIDE". The instrument gave information on height, speed. Their product was also of interest to kitesurfers to know the height of jumps. Given the similarity of the information (speed, height, distance...), the small team turned to the paragliding market and proposed a product that did not yet exist: the vario on the riser, the SYS'Ky. Now based in the Chartreuse region of France, this young and friendly family business also makes it a point of honour to reduce its ecological footprint.
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GPS are designed to help you achieve your free-flight goals. Whether you're a beginner paraglider pilot or an experienced pilot, you'll find a range of varios-GPS to suit you. Designed to track and optimise your flights, or break records in competition. There are a wide range of models, from small boxes to large tablets, depending on your preferences. The GPS units will guide you as you progress, not only in your leisure activities, but also in certain competitions.

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