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The BipBip PRO V2 from STODEUS is a mini solar-powered audio vario, 100% thought out and designed in France 🙂
Equipped with the very latest generation of sensors from the drone industry, the BipBip PRO V2 is an audio vario with unrivalled responsiveness. Thanks to its high-capacity battery and high-performance solar cell, it will accompany you for the duration of your flights. Whether you're a cross-country or cross-country flyer, this concentrate of technology, made in France, will never leave your equipment.

weight: 26 g

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STODEUS BipBip PRO V2: the most responsive vario in its category
A concentrate of performance in an Ultralight instrument.

Equipped with the very latest generation of sensors from the drone industry, the BipBip PRO V2 is an audio vario with unrivalled responsiveness. Thanks to its high-capacity battery and high-performance solar cell, it will accompany you for the duration of your flights. The acoustics of the BipBip PRO V2 can be adapted to suit everyone, thanks to a wide range of volumes. The tone of the beeps is balanced and soft. You'll be flying stress-free, without compromising on efficiency.

Its many customisable parameters mean it can be totally adapted to your flying style. Whether you're into cross-country or cross-country flying, this concentrate of technology, made in France, will never leave your equipment.

Technical specifications of the BipBip PRO V2 :

  •  Solar, energy self-sufficient at 400%
  • Battery with 400 hours of autonomy without sunlight
  • 1cm precision pressure sensor (measures 128 times per second)
  • 95dB high-volume buzzer (5 levels: min, medium, loud, boost, silence + LED)
  • Take-off detection (can be deactivated)
  • 2 audio profiles: short or long with continuous tone
  •  Integration time adjustable from 0 to 100%
  • Adjustable descent alarm (-0.50m/s to -3.50m/s, deactivated by default)
  • Zeroing in the -30/+10cm/s band (deactivated by default)
  •  Vario LED (green: up, orange: zero, red: down)
  • Battery level display on start-up
  • Solar charge from 0 to 100% in 10h
  •  Rechargeable via USB-C
  • Ultralight: 26g
  • Made in France
  • Unrivalled responsiveness: The most responsive of all varios
  • Equipped with the very latest technology straight from the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry, such as drones, the new pressure sensor built into the BipBip PRO V2 provides ultra-fast pressure measurement (128 times per second).

This centimetric pressure measurement (1cm resolution) is processed by a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that STODEUS has developed for the specific needs of free flight. It enables precise calculation of altitude and vertical speed.

This exclusive technology makes the BipBip PRO V2 the most responsive vario in its category (pressure sensor vario only), enabling you to make the most of every ascent.e.



Sunpower technology: unlimited flight time thanks to solar energy:
With its impressive 193mW SunPower solar cell, the BipBip PRO V2 is completely self-sufficient in energy, whatever the settings (volume, descent alarm, LED, etc.). The solar energy is stored in the BipBip PRO V2's internal battery, which has a high capacity, allowing it to operate for up to 400 hours without sunlight. The solar cell recharges the BipBip PRO V2 continuously whenever it's in the sun, so its autonomy is unlimited.

This new, thinner and more discreet solar cell is reinforced with a robust layer of PET/EVA, giving it high protection against impacts and scratches.

Bip Bip Stodeus (1)Exclusive acoustics: much more than just beeps.
The BipBip PRO V2 incorporates an all-new buzzer and a specially developed amplifier for clear, powerful sound. STODEUS offers an unrivalled sound volume range (95dB at maximum volume), without sacrificing battery life.

Mini varios have a reputation for having an aggressive sound. So to give you peace of mind when you're flying, STODEUS has developed an exclusive acoustic that delivers beeps that are always gentle on the ear. The BipBip PRO V2 incorporates an audio synthesiser sound generation and produces sounds with an ADSR sound envelope, making the beeps pleasant and intuitive.

BipBip PRO V2: Loud and clear
STODEUS has compared the volume levels of the mini varios on the market and the results are clear: a difference of over 20dB, i.e. 4x louder for the BipBip PRO V2.

For even greater comfort, you can choose from five volume levels, including a mute + flashing LED. The BipBip PRO V2 adapts to your use, whether on the helmet (even full-face), the shoulder, the riser, the cockpit, etc. And its volume can be changed with a single click during flight without missing a single beep.

A vario that adapts to your flying style.
Whether you're looking for uncompromising performance or just want to enjoy the flight, STODEUS has come up with new advanced settings and two audio profiles:

  • Long, progressive beeps for precise information on rate of climb
  • Short beeps for simple, effective ascendancy information

Find your own rhythm.
STODEUS has developed an exclusive filtering algorithm for paragliders that allows you to choose the integration rate that suits you best.

Integration l

ente gives a damped and averaged vario, for a better understanding of the information. Ideal for weak ascents with a wide turn radius.

Quick integration gives you fast, almost instantaneous vario. Ideal for leeward, choppy thermals that are difficult to exploit.
Take-off detection: you take off: the vario is activated.
A feature hitherto only available on instruments designed for competition, take-off detection enables the vario to be activated only after take-off. So with the BipBip PRO V2, pre-flight and waiting for optimum conditions at the take-off point are carried out without distraction.

If required, the ground vario can be activated simply by changing the volume. It is also possible to completely deactivate take-off detection via the configuration menu.



Bip Bip Stodeus (4)Low lift detector: never miss a thermal again.
The sound of the BipBip PRO V2's weak lift detector is made up of short modulations indicating weak lift (from -30cm/s to +10cm/s), not strong enough to roll up, but which will help you find the nearest thermal.

In the image, the pilot in grey has not activated the low lift detector function, whereas the pilot in green has activated it. When he arrives in the zone of weak lift, the buzzer beeps slightly, allowing him to search for the core of the thermal.

Ultra compact & ultra light: Smaller and lighter than a matchbox.
Even more compact, robust and scratch-resistant than its predecessors, BipBip PRO V2 is an ultralight audio vario.

Its featherweight 26g means you can leave it on your equipment at all times, whether you're on a quiet morning flight, a bivouac or a long technical cross-country.

Its multiple settings and possible uses make it indispensable both for paragliders making progress and for competitors looking for a reliable vario they can always rely on.




Stodeus is a French brand of small beep-beep and solar varios. Small, ultra light, they can be easily slipped into your belongings to accompany you on all your flights. A voice GPS variant also completes the possibilities of this small box...  
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Variometers for toddlers to attach to helmets, put around the wrist or hang from a riser.

The varios are our friends, their sound guiding us like the song of the sirens. A multitude of instruments, from the simplest to the most elaborate, are available here to guide us into the invisible. For hiking flights, travel, or as an initial purchase, the micro variometer with sound is ideal: light and simple, it can be attached to your helmet, thrown into a pocket or attached to your harness with Velcro, so you can sing along as the altitude changes. They can be recharged by USB, battery or solar power. More elaborate, the altimeter-variometer, can be configured to suit your needs. It will also be more accurate and incorporate a host of functions: altitude, vertical speed, flight time, wind direction... You'll have all this information at your fingertips in real time. It's the perfect tool for pilots looking to make progress. Designed to help you optimise your flights.

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