Paraglider variometer the lightest and most compact on the market !

Its lightness and autonomy will allow you to leave it permanently on its attachment point (helmet, risers, harness, cockpit, etc.).
This vario is ideal for the practice of paragliding in rando flight, mountain flight, in tandem, and especially for all the pilots who do not wish to fly with a heath robinson !

weight: 13 g
dimensions: 32 x 25 x 16 mm

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Ultra-light Vario!
13 g
32 x 25 x 16 mm

Vario rechargeable via USB
40h autonomy in thermal mode
Low battery beep ~4h before shutdown
Easy to operate switch with large gloves
Velcro and strap attachment: helmet, cockpit, shoulder straps, paraglider risers, etc.

15 cm/s sensitivity
Variations of the vario sound in frequency and tone as a function of vertical speed

CHOUKA thresholds

Variometers for toddlers to attach to helmets, put around the wrist or hang from a riser.

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