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This is the most advanced instrument from Stodeus: thanks to its built-in high-performance GPS receiver, theUltraBip records all your flight tracks and statistics.

Now you can feel every little thermal thanks to our advanced Instant Vario technology. L'UltraBip is also equipped with our unique voice assistant function. A little jewel of technology, equipped with Bluetooth and a concentrate of functions, all in an ultra-light and solar-powered format!

Designed to adapt to all your paragliding activities, the UltraBip can be connected via Bluetooth to most flight applications, or used as a stand-alone instrument. All this technology is powered by the sun. Avid cross country pilots, tandem pilots or walk & fly enthusiasts will be eager to fine-tune the UltraBip's infinite settings for an entirely personalised flying experience.

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Records the slightest bend.
Thanks to its built-in GPS and ultra-fast fix, the UltraBip records all your tracks for up to 10,000 flights! When you get home, connect your UltraBip to your computer and easily view your track. For each flight, the UltraBip records your track in two formats (KML and IGC). Even when connected, the UltraBip records your flight track, so you have back-ups.

BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Wireless to the paw.
UltraBip connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) as soon as you switch it on.

It allows you to use flight apps such as XCtrack, FlySkyHy, SeeYou Navigator, and many others, sending ultra-precise flight information such as altitude, speed, rate of climb and descent, and more. It even sends GNSS (GPS) coordinates so that the smartphone's internal GPS function can be disabled, saving battery power on long flights. Also, the UltraBip's GPS is much more responsive to altitude than smartphone GPS units.

The UltraBip is the essential companion to the Submarine harness for pilots looking for maximum performance in cross country and competition.
Thanks to its small size, the UltraBip can be attached to the outside of the pressurised envelope without affecting the performance of the harness. This allows its sensors to operate accurately and provide reliable flight data, via Bluetooth, to the flight computer inside.

You can also add a screen to your UltraBip, thanks to the ActiveLook connected glasses. By connecting the UltraBip via Bluetooth to the XCTrack (Android) application, you can view all the flight data collected by the UltraBip's high-precision sensors in real time on the screen of your ActiveLook goggles. But if you want to fly light, the UltraBip can also be used as a stand-alone instrument.

The essentials. A simple double-tap.

Simply listen to the voice of your new solar assistant, and fly further. UltraBip can speak periodically according to distance, altitude or time, or on demand by simply double-tapping it! UltraBip speaks in the language of your choice (17 different languages), and gives you all the information you need for paragliding (altitude, speed, average rate of climb, time, heading, duration of flight, and much more). All without interfering with the vario beeps, and of course, because every driver is unique, everything can be customised and deactivated.
Unlimited customisation.

The UltraBip is turnkey! Just switch it on and take off! With the default settings, it records your track, gives you altitude, speed and average climb rate on demand, and of course beeps in thermals.

With the Configurator web-app, you can fully configure your UltraBip to make it even more powerful.

Activate the flight ceiling alarms to avoid entering the airspace of your next flight. Activate the automatic voice announcement mode, choose what information you want to hear (altitude, speed, time, average rate of climb, heading, and more).

And so much more!

All this can be configured for 1 to 3 different profiles. Let's say you do three different activities: walk & fly, cross-country and tandem. You can define three profiles for each activity.

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Stodeus is a French brand of small beep-beep and solar varios. Small, ultra light, they can be easily slipped into your belongings to accompany you on all your flights. A voice GPS variant also completes the possibilities of this small box...  
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Variometers for toddlers to attach to helmets, put around the wrist or hang from a riser.

GPS are designed to help you achieve your free-flight goals. Whether you're a beginner paraglider pilot or an experienced pilot, you'll find a range of varios-GPS to suit you. Designed to track and optimise your flights, or break records in competition. There are a wide range of models, from small boxes to large tablets, depending on your preferences. The GPS units will guide you as you progress, not only in your leisure activities, but also in certain competitions.

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