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The small BlueFly vario is available from Grands Espaces!

Ultra-precise and efficient, it fits in the palm of your hand ...
Bluefly bluetooth varios measure vertical speed and altitude as a function of atmospheric pressure. The pressure sensor inside the Bluefly does this 50 times a second, with a resolution that makes it possible to measure tiny differences in altitude of just 10 cm. Switch it on and it emits a pleasant beep as you climb. It's super responsive.

weight: 36 g

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Vario BlueFly V23
This is the latest evolution of the classic BlueFly. Connect to your phone or other device via Bluetooth and it also works as a standalone audio dimmer. You can connect it via USB to adjust the settings. The Bluetooth_USB model of the BlueFly is designed to be used with an Android or iOS phone or tablet to connect to free flight applications.

Flight instruments are great devices for helping pilots get to know the air. The best components are cheap, and instruments should be too. The BlueFlyVario project was born out of a not-for-profit hobby that had spiralled out of control. Today's Bluefly varios remain focused on meeting pilots' needs to fly. This pilot-centred philosophy continues to motivate the production and ongoing development of superb little varios.

-The Bluetooth model is the latest classic Bluefly that connects to XCTrack or other applications on your phone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth_GPS_IGC adds on-board GPS with IGC recording. TTL_GPS is used to connect to xcsoar on a Kobo, and USB_TTL_GPS_IGC adds advanced functionality for specific needs.



Bluefly is a group of young Australian pilots who decided to roll up their sleeves and create their own vario. The result is simple, powerful, intelligent and fits into a small case weighing just 40g! Connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phone, it can be dropped into the back of a pocket and forgotten all the way to the ... Building on its success, a GPS version is now available.
Variometers for toddlers to attach to helmets, put around the wrist or hang from a riser.

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