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Efficient. High performance. Ultra-lightweight.

Hike&Fly races require particularly demanding equipment: the glider must be able to fly for many hours in all kinds of conditions, show maximum performance and also be ultra-light and compact so that it can fit into the smallest of Hike&Fly rucksacks. The X-ALPS5 combines all these criteria perfectly and has been designed to do just that.

The 2-line technology, combined with moderate aspect ratio and cell count, and an ultra-light construction offer a powerful and well-balanced glider, which is not only the workhorse of our X-Alps athletes, but is also perfectly suited for cross-country pilots, bivouac flyers and beginners in the 2-line category. So there's nothing to stop you from reaching your next goal!

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Size 75+ 85+ 95+ 105+
Cells 68 68 68 68
Flat area (m²) 20,4 21,5 22,6 23,7
Projected area (m²) 17,6 18,6 19,6 20,5
Wingspan flat (m) 11,6 11,9 12,2 12,5
Flattened elongation 6,57 6,57 6,57 6,57
Projected elongation 5,16 5,16 5,16 5,16
Sail weight (kg) 3,4 3,5 3,6 3,7
Certified weight range (kg) 60 – 77 65 – 87 75 – 97 85 – 107
Admissions Service Air Turquoise Air Turquoise Air Turquoise Air Turquoise


Your X-ALPS5 sail is delivered with :

1x Lightweight softbag
1x Folding tube
1x Basic Guide
1x Bandana
1x Sticker set
1x Self-adhesive repair patch



Skywalk was founded in 2001 in Germany by a group of passionate friends. They make innovative harnesses and canopies, and above all, very high performance!
The competition sails are aimed at very experienced pilots with a significant number of hours of practice. Longer and more demanding, they offer exceptional glide, particularly in transition, even into the wind. Thanks to a profile designed to make the most of the air mass, a Shark Nose which will reinforce the solidity of the leading edge at high speed and propel your glider, and a rear steering which won't impair its aerodynamic qualities, you'll be able to make your best transitions. 2-line paragliders are in the running. With reduced drag and increased speed, almost all competition paragliders are now equipped with 2 lines. This level of performance requires highly experienced pilots. Cross-country paragliders are therefore benefiting from spectacular technical advances, more or less approved, but we mustn't forget that a good pilot will perform well if the glider is adapted to his level. A few demo enD paragliders are available to try out, so book them quickly before the instructors take them away :)

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