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The GIN Yeti 6 is the glider to discover. Whether you're a young pilot just discovering the joys of flight, or a more experienced adventurer setting off to discover a new playground, the Yeti 6 is made for you. Suitable for all types of flying, from beginners' outings to first thermal flights. With its high wing loading, the Yeti 6 becomes a playful and dynamic pilot.

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SIZE 21 23 25 27
Flat area (m2) 20.80 22.80 24.80 26.80
Wingspan flat (m) 9.96 10.43 10.88 11.31
Flattened elongation 4.77 4.77 4.77 4.77
Projected area (m2) 17.85 19.57 21.28 23
Projected span (m) 7.93 8.30 8.66 9.00
Projected elongation 3.52 3.52 3.52 3.52
Rope (m) 2.59 2.71 2.83 2.99
Number of cells 36 36 36 36
Sail weight (kg) 2.42 2.63 2.76 2.99
Weight in flight (WIF) (kg) 50-75 65-90 75-100 85-110
Weight range (kg) 75-95 90-105 100-115 110-125
Certification EN A EN A EN A EN A

* Weight shown with optional lightweight Dyneema risers. Standard risers increase weight by 160g.

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Compact in the air...

Thanks to its new shape and arch, the wing is agile in turns while remaining very stable in roll. It is compact and well balanced in the air in all conditions. The lines are a carefully chosen mix of sheathed lines on the low and intermediate sections and unsheathed lines on the high sections.

... and on the ground

No detail has been overlooked to reduce weight and folding volume. Nickel titanium (Nitinol) rods have been used instead of plastics, and trailing edge and leading edge reinforcements have been removed or replaced with 5mm lightweight mylar hemmed tapes wherever possible. The internal structure has been optimised to reduce weight by precisely selecting the number of line attachment points. The result? A smaller, more compact and lighter bag, so you can move around without constraints.

First-class heating

Some mountain sails leave a lot to be desired when it comes to their thermal performance. This is not the case with the Yeti 6. The planform, aerodynamic profile, canopy, canopy tension and swept-back wingtips all work together to promote flat, efficient turning behaviour. The Yeti 6 can be used for much more than just flying down the mountain!

Newcomers welcome

The Yeti 6's handling has been adjusted and fine-tuned to suit everyone, even newcomers to the world of free flight. The aim was to have a more damped feel than its predecessor, while still being fun enough for more experienced mountain pilots. The brake travel is long and progressive, but the feel is direct, and there's no tendency to go into a stall if the pilot inadvertently pulls too hard on the brakes. It's a pleasure to fly the Yeti 6 and pilots who are moving towards walk & fly don't need to look any further for their wing after school.

High wing loading, no problem

The special feature of the Yeti 6 is not only that it offers an incredibly wide range of flyable wing loads, but above all that it retains unrivalled stability throughout this range. EN A certification has been achieved even at high wing loads thanks to the wing's inherent stability in all axes.

Forgiving take-off behaviour

With its profile, the Yeti 6 stabilises quickly overhead, hangs with load and even provides a little forward momentum when taking off in light winds. In stronger winds, the wing behaves just as well, doesn't shoot and doesn't hang back. Whatever your skill level and whatever the terrain, the Yeti 6 will ensure you have a successful launch.

Yeti compress folding bag

A specially designed compression bag is available as an option for the Yeti 6. Yeti Compress folds 5 times, ensuring the most compact volume possible and a perfect fit in your hiking rucksack.

x-lite 40l backpack

This 40-litre rucksack is perfectly suited to carrying your Yeti 6 folded into the Yeti compress. Packed with essential mountaineering equipment such as ice axe holders, ski racks, pole holders and flask pockets, the X-lite rucksack is designed for mountain adventures.


  • 3 lifts / 3 lines
  • thin, sheathed PPSL Dyneema lower and intermediate lines; unsheathed upper lines
  • lightweight design and construction
  • accelerator system with Harken pulleys
  • fabric: 27g for top and bottom surface
  • also available: optional Dyneema risers (160g)

Compatibility of the GIN Yéti 6 with harnesses :

The Yeti 6 is compatible with 2 types of harness: Yeti / Switch type harnesses with or without separate leg straps, or Verso / Gingo type harnesses with planchette and classic ABS. However, please note that flight characteristics differ according to the type of harness chosen. Separate leg harnesses require a different flying technique and care should be taken when switching from a board harness to a separate leg harness. The Switch harness with non-separated leg straps is a very good alternative to the tray/leg straps transition. In addition, plate harnesses used at high (extended) wing loads require more active piloting skills than leg harnesses. If in doubt, ask your dealer or a paragliding professional who knows your abilities for advice.

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Gin Gliders was founded in 1998 by paraglider designer and competition pilot Gin Seok Song Some of us follow the movement, some of us follow our own path, some of us fly paragliders, some of us fly GIN Gin's philosophy is simple: to design paragliders that he and every other pilot love to fly. This philosophy applies equally to an entry-level wing such as the Bolero, and to the world-renowned competition wing, the Boomerang. No wing is released without Gin's complete satisfaction. Gin has over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing paragliders and is supported by an equally experienced team, both within the company in Korea and in a worldwide network of distributors and dealers. The "GIN Team" has dominated the Paragliding World Cup every year since 1998 and has enjoyed countless other competitive successes in World Cups, World Championships and National Championships. This high level of expertise provided by dedicated professionals guarantees you the best possible product support and after sales service.
Mountain paragliding offers the promise of wild escapes, immersion in nature, tranquillity on take-off and the shared pleasure of a hike with friends... Lightweight paragliders are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason: thanks to their small size, you can take your paragliding equipment with you wherever you go. Whether you're travelling or in the mountains, you'll never miss another opportunity to fly! Mountain gliders are affordable, and are usually enA or enB approved, so you can fly in variable air conditions in complete safety. A true Swiss Army knife of paragliding, they have a lot going for them! Thanks to their compact size and featherweight, they're just as appealing to backpacking paragliders as they are to mountain lovers. To meet an increasingly versatile demand, this range of lightweight paragliders now offers a wide range of possibilities: ultralight gliders for paralpinism, compact gliders for travellers, or light and sleek gliders for bivouac flights, you're bound to find your new ally here... Our centre is ideally located at the foot of the mountains... Make the most of it! Come and try out our favourite playgrounds!

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